Project Wardrobe, 1.0

When I visited Treadle Yard Goods in St. Paul, MN last week, I picked up four yards of this Rayon fashion fabric at 50% off:It a soft, lush rayon, in gorgeous Amy Butler colors, and the print is Twilight Peony (that just happens to be my favorite flower!) from her Saffron colorway. It’s 56″ wide, and I happened to have this vintage 1958 Simplicity pattern at home that seemed a perfect fit:Can’t you just see Betty Draper on Mad Men wearing that blue dress to a cocktail party? If you’ve ever sewn with vintage clothing patterns, you know the sizing is much smaller than today. As in, that pattern cover says it is a size 16 Misses (I wear a few sizes smaller than that, so I thought “great, it should be just the right size for me!” Nope.). That size 16 Misses from 1958 is closer to a size 8 by today’s standards, If our sizes today were based on the same measurements as those from 1958, I would wear a 20 or 22! (If I put on a Size 20 ready made dress, it would probably fall off of me!). So, tip for using vintage patterns: MEASURE everything, more than once, and make adjustments to your pattern before cutting into your fabric.

So, I need a dress for Easter Mass. On Wednesday (yes, THIS Wednesday) I pulled out the fabric and the pattern and started cutting out a dress to make for Easter Sunday (yes, THIS Sunday). I made some good progress last night with the sewing, and I have a nearly complete bodice:and an already hemmed (love my Janome blind hem foot G!!!), ready-to-join-to-the-bodice-this-evening, skirt. The final step is putting in the zipper.
I made this my weekly goal here.Wish me luck. I did say I wanted to sew more for myself this year… This is officially the beginning of Project Wardrobe 2012.


8 thoughts on “Project Wardrobe, 1.0

  1. I have no doubt you will finish, Doris, and it’s going to be a gorgeous dress! You’re so right about the pattern sizes. In the 70s/80s I was a size 12; now I’m a 4! Good grief! It’s flattering, but disturbing. My only concern for you and me, with our pretty new Easter outfits, is that it’s going to be cold for short sleeves! I made my skirt, and shopped for a sweater-shell and knitted short-sleeved shrug, when the weather was hot. I have a pashmina to wear on stand-by. You’ll look pretty in your Easter finery this Sunday. Have a very blessed day!

  2. I’m squee-ing with delight because I JUST got some of that Soul Blossoms fabric to make a skirt for my stepdaughter’s wedding in May. While her dress will be a version of the “swing dress” pictured in her pattern, mine will be more English garden-y.

    Great Minds think Alike?

  3. I love that you started it Wednesday and were able to wear it Sunday. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood/youth Good Fridays are of going to town to buy dress fabric and having it made by Saturday night. (One time I even managed that with a lined doeskin wool coat–although I’m guessing I couldn’t sew clothing that fast now–but back then I didn’t have the internet to distract me!)

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