Doris’s Dilemma

This is the first time in over three years that I have not been involved in an online quilt bee. I decided my commitments were too many this year, and the One Block Over Bee that I led for two years came to an end. I sort of miss it. So when Michele announced her Modern Mini Round Robin exchange, I jumped in (and if I thought I had the time, I’d join her on the Halloween See-Saw exchange as well!) You know how I love Halloween.

This is the block I made for the Mini Modern Round Robin–inspired by Block K-12 from Dear Jane (named Doris’s Dilemma):Dear Jane K-12 Doris's DilemmaI made it in a hurry, as I was behind schedule, and packed it up and sent it off immediately after taking this photo, and then realized it had a scrap of fabric I didn’t even take the time to pick off. How appropriate, Doris’s Dilemma, the only block I’ve every come across with my name associated with it, and it refers to a dilemma (I sometimes have trouble making decisions and settling on what to do, sew, or what fabric to use…). I couldn’t even leave well enough alone, I added and extra cross bar in the center square to make an X rather than use the pattern as is. And, couldn’t decide what to use for fabrics, so I made it out of my scrap basket, and made it scrappy as well. I won’t to get to see how it turns out until October. It will travel around the States and Canada for the next seven months with each quilter adding something to it before sending it along to the next destination.

This is the block I received in the mail (love the cute roller coaster fabric) and I’m still trying to decide what to add to it:

Today’s #photoadayapril challenge was “cold”, and it did get cold here again yesterday, but it doesn’t look cold… so I took a pic of the cool range blocks hanging on my design wall:Blue and White Quilt

What’s on your design wall?


5 thoughts on “Doris’s Dilemma

  1. How fun to come across a block with your name in it and something that makes sense. I’ll keep looking for a namesake block.

  2. Hi, Doris: Love “Doris’s dilemma” block! And the “cold” section on your design wall. Are you on Instagram doing photoaday? I’m doing it as well. I searched for you couldn’t find your name…

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