One in a Million…or so

This is my nephew, Caleb.

Caleb has the best smile.

He REALLY likes Mickey Mouse.

Caleb turned 5 years old last week.

He was abandoned near a toll booth when he less than 24 hours old.

He spent his first 4.5 years being cared for by some wonderful people at an orphanage and in foster care, in Changchun, China.

He joined our family officially on December 5, 2011–FIVE MONTHS ago this week.

Caleb has brought immeasurable joy to our family in five short months.

He was born with a cleft palate.  At some point, he had surgery on his upper lip, and at least one other surgical procedure. As a result, he has a fear of doctors and hospitals like no other.

But Caleb has gotten braver since coming to live with his forever family, visiting the doctor for many exams, shots, tests, etc.

Caleb is having surgery TOMORROW to repair his cleft palate.

Caleb could really use your prayers and happy thoughts TODAY for his pre-Op visit with the doctor…

This summer, Caleb will work to learn English, and speak without any kind of defect.

In August, Caleb gets to go to kindergarten, just like all the other five-year-olds.

Caleb is a lucky boy, but I am lucky, too.  Because I get to be his Aunt Doris.  Forever.


***The United Nations reports that the number of orphans around the world waiting for help is more than 140 million.

There are more than 46 million orphans in Africa.
There are more than 71 million orphans in Asia.
There are more than 10 million orphans in Latin America.
There are more than 120,000 orphans in the United States.


10 thoughts on “One in a Million…or so

  1. Caleb is adorable. We have friends who adopted a cute little boy from China with a cleft palate and has already had surgery. And just a couple of weeks ago, our friends came back from China with his biological sister. Such a miracle. My prayers will be with him.

    • I love that story, Cindy! Caleb will never know anything of his parents or if he has biological siblings, but now he has a big brother that he adores, and adores him, equally. He came home from the hospital yesterday, and the brothers were ELATED to be reunited!!

  2. As you know, I have a special fondness for your nephew as I understand all too well his beginnings. I will definitely keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers. I’m really happy to hear that he is doing so well.

  3. Oh, he is so cute! I just want to hug him. My brother had a cleft lip and had a wonderful surgeon at U of I Hospitals. He has passed now, unfortunately. Where will he have his surgery? In Iowa?

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