One Fish, Two Fish. Red Fish…

Green DRESS!!  ImageOkay, so it doesn’t rhyme, but Dr. Seuss would still be pleased.  This little sweetie had her Golden Birthday on June 5, 2012.  Her Mommy and I were college roomies, and have been best friends for decades.  She wanted a Dr. Seuss party.  Last year it was Hello Kitty, the year before that was a Princess party… she’s a little gal who knows what she likes and knows what she wants.  Image

Incidently, this little Miss has received more Doris-made gifts than any other individual.  The kitty in my blog banner?  Her’s.  She even received a baby quilt while she was still a baby!  She’s gotten one handmade gift from me for every year of her life!

The dress was inspired by this one, and made by grandma.  She played HARD in this dress all day long, girlfriend knows how to work an ensemble.  I started making this quilt from the dress scraps about seven hours before her party started.  ‘Cause, y’know, why start a project ahead of time?


The yellow solid came from my stash, the rest of it came from the scrap basket.  Even the back was a leftover from the dress:


I finished it about 45 minutes before the party… and snapped these photos (in full sunlight–sorry) along the road on the drive to the party.  I had fun weaving that rainbow stripe all the way around the quilt (note there is no binding, it was a sew-and-turn finish).  I got the impression she liked it:



A Saturday well spent.


9 thoughts on “One Fish, Two Fish. Red Fish…

  1. Adorable birthday girl!!!! Great way to use those cute Dr. Seuss fabrics. Love that others celebrate golden birthdays too…..I used to think my kids made that up 😉

    • I remember learning about Golden Birthdays in grammar school, and I was jealous of the kids that had them then, I had to wait until I turned 17 and no one cared by then! So no, your kids didn’t make it up!

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