A quilter of many colors

I haven’t spent much time time on Pinterest lately, or Flickr… honestly I haven’t sewn much either (nursing my lower back–which went out two weeks ago, so not much sitting. period.).  But last night, I needed to create a mosaic for our upcoming Des Moines MQG Mug Rug Swap–and I was blown away by what I’ve missed seeing on flickr in the last several months!  I could have easily made this mosaic 10 x 10 squares!  And a spent a lot of time just ogling my contacts photostreams.  Some talented folk out there…

I also realized in creating this that my tastes are VERY diverse–or eclectic.  I really like traditional piecing, I really like detailed paper piecing, and I really like free pieced quilted items as well.  I’ve always had a thing for cutesy representations of houses, clotheslines, fruit, bowls of fruit, sewing tools, spools, leaves, dishes… you name it.  Any household, gardening, or architectural themes always strike my fancy.

My partner will either be very torn & confused, or very happy to have so many possible directions to go in!

So, do you know just what you like, when someone asks you?

Or do you, too, like a little bit of everything when it comes to sewing and crafting?

Ha!  It’s been so long since I posted, I had to do this twice…  😛

12 thoughts on “A quilter of many colors

  1. Pretty much like most things in an eclectic sort of way, to say I love everything bar one in your mosaic would be an understatement! And as 2 of them live with me, and theres one I made, I guess we are pretty close in our eclectic taste Doris! Happy swapping!

  2. I like a bit of everything as well. I’ve tried modern quilting projects, LOVE paper piecing and traditional quilting. I love crafts of all kinds. Loved your mosaic and would love to learn how to do that! Guess I’ll have to go probing around and see what I can find for “how tos”. Nice.

  3. You know me, a little bit of everything. We had a speaker at our guild meeting the other night. He asked, “Who likes bright color?” My hand went up. A while later, “Batiks?” My hand went up. Later, “Civil War?” Again….hand up. “Wool?” Yep, hand up. I’m so bad. I really like it all! I like to know how it’s all done and experience it all.

    Sorry about your back! I hope it’s feeling better now!

  4. I took like a bit of everything. It always depends on my mood, who the item is for and what fabrics or patterns catch my eye.

    I hope the back is getting better. Staying away from sewing is going to make Doris a bit grumpy I think.

    • Doris, I was so thrilled with how easy the photo mosaic turned out to be!   I “joined” and could save my mosaic to my own files.  How easy, and then I just insert it like any other photo when I want to use it (tomorrow).  Thanks so much for sharing that with me!  I’ve given you credit on the blog for my new learning experience!  Happy Stitching. marsha



  5. I’d say my tastes are pretty eclectic, too. I like modern and traditional. And I like to try a little bit of everything. I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s mosaics for the swap. I can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

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