Midwest Hospitality, Quilter Style


Yesterday and today, I spent visiting the American Quilter’s Society (AQS) show in Des Moines, IA.  Many of my readers know this show is in conjunction with the Des Moines, Iowa, Area Quilters Guild (as in, we co-host it along with AQS, headquartered in Paducah, KY) and our annual Guild show takes place in an adjacent room, so admission to the AQS show gets you admission into our Guild show.  One of the volunteers told me this afternoon that the Des Moines AQS show is now the largest quilt show in the United States for number of quilts on display, in part because of the very active, and large Guild that helps to pull it off here every year.

I am always anxious to share photos of the amazing things I see there (this year, there was a display of Japanese made quilts that simply took my breath away) but, AQS allows photography for personal use and enjoyment, only, therefore, no posting of photos on the internet.  I will weed through my pics and see what I might have that I can show you over the next few days.

I had four entries in the Guild show (one of these years I may muster up enough courage to submit something to the AQS Juried portion of the show!).  My “What a Tangled Web We Weave” Halloween quilt, first shown here during Blogtoberfest 2011 received an honorable mention ribbon.  Technically, my business partner, Trina, who did the long-arm quilting on it received the ribbon–since it was the quilting that received the judges highest marks and best comments–oh well, I’ll take it!!  This is a terrible photo, but I promise a full post on this fabulous finish with great outdoor photos, soon!

In addition, I entered my Diet Quilt, a twin size version of our Modern Fortune quilt (pics coming soon!) and my Midnight Serenade Quilt.  This is also a terrible photo, but this quilt was made for my sweetie, and he was so proud of seeing it hanging in the show, he insisted on snapping my photo next to it.  :-p

(Can you tell how excited I was to be posing for the photo?!?  At least I was properly attired for the holiday represented…)  I ran into so many good friends, members of the Des Moines MQG, four gals from the small group I used to belong to, and our sister-small group, shop owners that sell our patterns (exciting!), even my Gruber’s buddy Shelly P, and her sister who drove North from Missouri to attend the show on Friday!  I think we must have had several near misses over the course of the day, but eventually, we met up in the same place at the same time just before they had to leave to drive home!

Does your local Guild have an annual quilt show?

Do you enter quilts into shows or your local/State Fair?


8 thoughts on “Midwest Hospitality, Quilter Style

  1. The guild I’m in (Stray Threads Quilt Guild in Woodinville, WA) had their show this summer. It was really a nice show. Pieces ran the gamut from primitive to contemporary to art quilting.

    As for submitting work, I’m not at the point where my “art” is show-worthy. I’m still a “grasshopper” in the world of quilting.

  2. Oooo! How I wanted to go to this show! Did you see my quilt there? Did you take pictures of it next to its neighbors? I’m dying to see how it was hung among the others. Congratulations on getting a ribbon! You can be very proud. And you certainly should enter your quilt(s) into an AQS show. When you’re juried into the show, you get free admission. Definitely worth trying.

  3. Congratulations Doris! I saw your quilts at the show and even took a picture of the string quilt cos it was so cute. The border is darling. The show was great! Wish I could have gone two days but I had to squeeze it all in on Saturday because of work. I’m not sure my feet have recovered yet from walking from 9 til 5!

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  5. Linda identified the block from Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia…
    the link for it doesn’t work…. it loops to another site for links, but those are not functioning.

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