Really Random: Retro-fied


Linking up today with Cindy over here.

I meant to share this when I first found it… my fortune cookie at dinner, the weekend before we released our Modern Fortune pattern (I practically jumped for joy!  Took it as agreat sign, because, yes, I believe in these things…):

This was around the same time that I found this at the check out of a local hardware store…

Brought back a blast from the past, I remember my brother and I begging Mom to buy this for us (curiosity got the best of me, I had to find out if it tasted as good as it did in 1976).  It did not.  Clearly the recipe changed, or my 43 year-old tastebuds are slightly more sophisticated than my six-year-old tastebuds were.  I’m more of an Orbit girl these days… and what quilter wouldn’t be with these inspiring packages…?!?

I can’t help but see some modern quilts there.  And these mugs found at Target, recently?  So quilt-y…

I also think they look a little 1970s retro… which I tend to like (see Fruit Stripe Gum story above).  My last car was a 2002 New Beetle, sadly, I had to replace it this last month, but I bought another fun, little, retro car in it’s place:

I love it!  It’s a Mini Cooper S (not brand new, but new to me!) in Liquid Yellow, and I was thinking of naming her Buttercup or Daisy… just not certain.  That little yellow car just makes me happy–she is my Sunshine!  I’m going to have to sew some items for her, too. Then my BIL referred to me as Driving Miss Daisy.  Not sure if that’s a good connotation or not…  What do you think, is she a Daisy or a Buttercup?

Incidentally, there is an SUV in the area that I live with a vanity plate that reads “BUTTRCP”–and it’s silver, not yellow– I assume it’s a nickname of the owner.  This is a license plate we saw in Kansas City this summer, we were on our way to a quilt shop we had not been to before.  Guess what?  This driver led us right to it!

So, two questions for you today:  Do you have a personalized license plate?  and do you name your car(s)?


11 thoughts on “Really Random: Retro-fied

  1. No I only name my sewing machines. But I like Buttercup. I had to report for jury duty today. Made a stop in the bathroom and then made a sketch of the floor tile–potential quilt design

  2. Haven’t ever paid the extra money for a vanity plate, however, this year was the first time that I named a car. I call my new KIA Rio…Rudy. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.

  3. I used to have personalized plates when I was a Nebraskan living in Iowa! It was in the early 2000s, when NE had the pretty red & yellow toned plates, and being a Cyclone, the plates read “Go Cy Go”. Now that I’m in California, I don’t have personalized plates, but I do have special whale plates, where the extra cost goes toward protecting the ocean (personalized whale plates are just too expensive!). And no, I don’t name my car, but the GPS is called Gypsy. But I might considering naming a fun yellow car (but it would have to be a fun British name if I had a Mini…just sayin’).

  4. I don’t have personalized plates. I think they’re too expensive. But all of my cars have had names. My last car was named Jack and I liked the name so much that I had to keep the same name for my current car. But I added “Jr.” to it.

  5. Yes, I named my 2008 Mellow Yellow MINI Cooper convertible. Its name is Buzbee!! And my plates say, “BUZZ-B” so everyone knows its name. I love my Cooper, and yours is adorable, too! Be sure to wave enthusiastically when you see other MINI drivers!

  6. I like the name Sunshine for the car! My second choice is Buttercup….except that the song keeps playing in my head!!! I’ve never named a car or a sewing machine, guess I can’t come up with anything exciting.

  7. I love this post. Everything. Love the fortune cookie. And I ADORE your minicooper! I’ve seen the quilty looking stuff at Target, too. I also saw Fruit Stripe gum the other day, as well. It WAS a blast from the past….that and Chicklets. 😉

    My license plate is BEEHAVE because I’m a behavior analyst. (And BEHAVE was taken already.)

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