Really Random: Quilters Rock!

Anyone with quilt-y friends knows, quilters are typically a kind a generous lot.  Over the past few months, I’ve been the recipient of some of that fun generosity.  My business partner, Trina gave me this Jack-o-Lantern flash drive (in May, because we are both big fans of Halloween!), and her husband had the serial quilter decals made for us:

Cindy showed you my decal on my Beetle, which travelled to Gruber’s in Minnesota with me this year.  

But I sold my Beetle in August and bought my little Yellow Mini Cooper shortly thereafter.  Thankfully, they had one more Serial Quilter decal for me, so the Mini Cooper is properly decced out.

And the Jack-o-Lantern flash drive, he’s darned cute.  Trina hunted him down on the internet and had him shipped all the way from Japan, so I could have a fun drive, too.  (Her’s is a monkey)

I was lucky enough to win a few bloggy giveaways this Spring and Summer, including this one from Carolyn Friedlander, including her Sessoms pattern (LOVE!) and a hand-picked jelly roll:

I have a nearly finished table runner made from this pattern (just need to quilt it so I can show it to you!).  And one day, I plan to make an entire quilt fro this pattern–it’s lovely!

Stephanie is one of my Gruber’s friends, (and a fellow Iowa native) I met her for the first time in July 2011, and saw her again at Spring Quilt Market in May 2012 and this July… She became one of those fast friends, an immediate connection that felt like we had been friends forever. Little messages pop up from her at The. Most. Opportune times.  I don’t how she does it, but she can sense when I need a little pick me up.  She sent me this “happy” earlier this year at a time when she knew I needed a hug:

She knows I love Kate Spain, and I had admired these journal/calendars on her blog… and it came with the sweetest note.  It holds all kinds of notes related to the pattern business these days, and every time I look at it, it gives me warm fuzzy thoughts of a treasured friend.

Much of our time lately has been spent house hunting (read: scouring at least once a day for new listings; obsessing over properties we are interested in; mentally moving ourselves and our stuff into the space)… you get the picture.  We put an offer on a house that we still refer to as “the Dream House” and we lost out on it not once, but twice.  I’m pretty sure that ship has sailed.  But we keep looking and my thoughts are about 78% focused on houses and architecture these days.

As a diversion, I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading, including a large pile of magazine on my nightstand, and this pile of books from our library:

What’s occupying your thoughts these days?

Have you been the recipient of a quilter’s generosity lately?


7 thoughts on “Really Random: Quilters Rock!

  1. Ok…I want a Serial Quilter decal, too! Where in the world could I get something like that?

    I agree, quilters are generous. I have been on the receiving end of that generosity a time or two myself.

    Its good to have a friend who can sense when you are down. They are priceless friends to have….

  2. I love that decal! Those things would sell like hot cakes. Not hot cakes. Hotcakes. Autocorrect! Grrrr. Anyway, nice winnings, too! Looks like a neat pattern.

  3. I wish I could get one of those decals. It’s cool. And then we could be sister “serial quilters”! We have our love of Kate Spain fabric in common as well. Stephanie IS a very special friend. One of the best things about Gruber’s–the friendships.

  4. I’m so happy you like the notebook! 😉 You lost out on that house twice??? OUCH! I found a house I love here. I would love to sell this fixer upper and move to it. My Sweetie won’t hear of it. He likes this property. So do I, but…..sigh. I love the jelly roll! I have a stack of magazines and books like that to catch up on, too! Have a wonderful day!

  5. I love your decal! I have “Runs with Scissors” on my jeep 🙂
    I’m working with one of Carol’s patterns, too! The Palmetto pattern. It’s the first time playing with a “real” paper piecing pattern. Such a learning experience!

    Any room? Oh I’d be soooooo darn excited!!!!! I had my choice of two rooms and i’m so glad with my choice. It has the most light!

    Big hugs!

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