December Drumroll…

I have to share my last few finishes of 2012, including a big one… but, it wouldn’t be as fun if I gave it away right up front, right? So a quick December recap first:

Every year, my girlfriend’s an I have a favorites party, you know, like Oprah’s “My Favorites” giveaway episodes? Only on a smaller scale, but same idea. We give the exact same gift to each of the women at the party, something that we consider a “favorite” from the year. None of these five friends are quilters, so no sewing themed gifties. 😉  We started the “My favorites” party tradition last year, and I think it’s going to stick!

This year I gave them each an Aveda gift bag containing Aveda Foot Relief and Hand Relief Lotions:Aveda-Hand-Relief-Gift-Set

My favorite Aveda product, period.  Especially for Winter dry hands, it’s a Godsend.  From my five friends I received:


From Michelle: her favorite car freshener and a Jason’s Deli giftcard

From Kelly: her favorite Gold Canyon candle, Vanilla Rum

From Carisa: her favorite Tea and a statement “Hope” bracelet

From Tonya: an Angel ornament, Lindor Truffles, and an Orange Leaf giftcard

and from Carrie: her favorite Bath & Bodyworks Candle, MERRY MISTLETOE and Pretzel m&m’s

I didn’t have much of a chance to create gifts this year, aside from the Baby Cheetah onesie for Carrie’s baby:

Baby Cheetah Applique Onesie and sweaterI made Frank a photo frame that I painted a pale pink and embellished with type stamps to read “Grandpa’s Girl”, since his first grand-baby was due to arrive on Christmas Eve.  She arrived promptly on her due date, so I let him open that present right away — She was framed and on his end-table before she turned 4 hours old:

Gemma Frame Grandpa's Girl

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you know we spent much of 2012 first moving my Mother from her house 100 miles away (selling the home, cleaning out, packing, garage selling extra stuff, etc.), to a very nice retirement cottage community only 19 miles from us, and THEN, helping my MIL clean out her house (of 58 years!) to move into an Independent Living apartment at a new retirement community.  That was a huge task, and it is still ongoing (she is moved into her new home, but the old house is not completely empty, yet – a saga in itself, but I’ll spare you the details).

We have made three, 3-day trips to the St. Paul, MN (about a 4.5 hour drive one-way) since Thanksgiving.  Sweetie even made one day trip in between without me along.  That is A. LOT. OF. DRIVE. TIME. my friends, or riding time for me, as my sweetie does about 65-75% of the driving on these trips.

But, do you know what that means?  You all know what I do when a passenger on a road trip, right…?  Hand-piecing.


And y’all know what I have been hand-piecing forever, right…?  (or at least since July 4th, 2010)…

Candied Hexagons in Nov 2012

Candied Hexagons!  These are a few I made on the Thanksgiving Weekend trip… and those I made in med-December….

Candied Hexagons Dec 2012

and on Christmas Eve, I sewed the last blocks up while relaxing at home watching Downton Abbey Season 2 on DVD (possibly the only blocks I made outside of a vehicle!).  I finished the final one up just before the ball dropped at Midnight, and now have all 104 full blocks and 12 have blocks pieced!

Ta-Da!!! (insert drumroll, here):

Candied Hexagon blocks

Here they are unceremoniously laid out on my studio floor.  I have them all organized to start sewing into rows… My sweetie came in while I was arranging these on the floor and he said “wow, I wasn’t sure I’d ever see the day when you had these all made.”  I had doubts myself…

I’m considering alternatives for the border, debating whether I want to stick with the original border design or create my own. Decisions, decisions….  but I think I have a day or two before I have to decide. 😉

Happy sewing,



12 thoughts on “December Drumroll…

  1. Sharing favorites with friends as gifts is such a great idea! I might have to steal that. 🙂 Yay on finishing your candied hexagons! They look wonderful! The finished quilt will be really nice.

  2. Words fairly escaped me (however, I’ll try!) over your Candied Hexagons. I absolutely love each one! Your colors are delicious! Every hexie looks marvelous next to its neighbor. I am quite envious of how yours has come together. Your hexies put mine to shame. I haven’t added borders to finish mine because I don’t like the mushy look of my quilt center. I have fabrics and cut out small triangles ready to hand applique to the border strips. While I love doing hand applique, I also dislike the slowness of it…. again, a reason mine isn’t complete. I’ll be curious to see if you decide to go that route. Doris, you truly have a work of art. It’s stunning – decidedly, a keeper.

  3. What a lovely December you had! Now, about your hexie layout — just charming! I’ll be glad to see what border decision you make. And, it looks like you used some cubes in your design process. Or is that just an optical illusion? Good job, Doris. You are an inspiration!

  4. Love the hexies… they are yummy. And that baby cheetah outfit is adorable! Babygirl is just beautiful. And I know that is the best part of the month! They grow so fast!

  5. I am really fascinate by your Candied Hexagon Quilt. I even went back and read your older blog posts. Where did you get your pattern? Is it in a particular book. I’d love to know so I can put it on my “To Do” list. 🙂

  6. I am just catching up. I’m sorry I’ve been away. I need to catch up on your other posts, but I wanted to say Congratulations! She is just precious!

    I love your Candied Hexies. I seriously want to make this, but don’t even know where to start. Maybe you can help me get over the hump in July?

    I love all Aveda products, but those are two of my faves, too! Hugs to you! Happy New Year!

  7. I love your hand-sewing project. Each one is beautiful! I sew hexies when we travel as well. I haven’t made anything with them yet, but I will someday.
    Aren’t you just loving Downton Abbey? I can’t wait for tomorrow night for Season 3 to start! I’ll be sitting in front of the TV (only time I really do) with my hexies too!

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