a MUST Read:

My little space here has been quiet for some time; for various reasons. I’m overwhelmed with my job, the business, finding time for family, packing to move, not yet closing on the house we are buying; I’m lucky to get anything finished, much less find time to blog about it.

That, and I’ve become very disenchanted with the internet, social media, etc. in general lately… finding very little of value, and little that lifts my spirit or enhances my day. (In fact, if anything it does exactly the opposite). BUT, this morning I read the best thing I’ve seen online in ages:

It involves this Before and After photos:



Impressive, huh?!  That’s only part of the story… Head over here to read the rest.


5 thoughts on “a MUST Read:

  1. First Doris I want to tell you that I’m so sorry that you are overwhelmed right now and I truly hope it gets better and you find your creative grove soon. I tend to feel the same way in Dec and Jan and am finally past it. Second than you for sharing this. It is a terrific story and it truly brightened my day. Big hugs!

  2. Thank you, Doris. The story is definitely a ray of sunshine! I love good works, it makes me smile. What a wonderful idea! Please know that tomorrow is another day, so we don’t have to get everything done today. Breathe deeply! Take care.

  3. That’s pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing that!

    I am just coming off a too-busy hiatus and debated whether or not I was going to jump back into the blogosphere but, though it’s not every day, I still find some gems that keep me coming back. I completely understand where you’re coming from though. I don’t facebook, tweet or pin anything and it’s still overwhelming for all the wrong reasons some days, and on occasion, downright toxic. Unfortunately, it’s a by-product of my job that I stay internet savvy so I stick with it, and have tried to simplify and cut-back where I can.

    Much love and success, whether you’re online or not! 🙂 Virtual hugs and brownies!

  4. that’s a pretty awesome story, Doris! Thanks for sharing. Sorry you are struggling so much. I am right there with ya. Want to have a pity party together? I haven’t even had a chance to communicate with you on my Iowa trip. My flight ended up getting cancelled due to that snowstorm (that really wasn’t if you ask me!), I missed the whole first day of the meeting I was attending, ended up being in Iowa only about 24 hours, and having the travel from hell. Then, I came home and had a crazy busy week with interviews for grad students. All the while, fighting off a sinus infection, which I finally succumbed to last Sunday. I am finally starting to feel better, physically, and am hoping to dig out of my hole soon! I miss you. I can’t wait to see you in July. I am so happy for you that your’e moving. I want to hear all about the new house!!!!

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