Color quandry

I’ve been preparing to make a purple quilt for a gift, and it’s a bit of a challenge. Purple is the one color I am just not drawn to in fabric (well, that and peach, but I dislike the color peach in all things, not just fabric). So, by preparing, I mean buying fabric in purples because I have very little none in my stockpile of fabric. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this post today on design sponge, with the color of the day:


I was reminded of the significance of the color purple in the Church, and in regards to royalty, because of how rare and expensive the dye was in ancient times.  It is a rich, vibrant color… I just don’t know why I’m not drawn to it.  Purple in the garden?  Adore it!  Photos of fields of lavender have always given me a warm, happy feeling (maybe because I’d love to be there seeing the sight firsthand!):


and in a perennial garden?  Almost a necessity for me! I have crocuses and hyacinth blooming in my yard right now.



Those are some lovely petals, right?! And my favorite Spring buds?  Lilacs:


I had a part in making this gorgeous purple and grey quilt, and I even had a hard time parting with it!


Yet I have no purple clothing and until some recent online shopping, no purple fabric.  I guess I’m just not drawn to it in textiles.  However, this Tyrian Purple yarn could change my mind, especially when I get around to watching my Craftsy knitting and crocheting classes:


So what’s your color?  The one that just doesn’t draw you in?

What color do you buy the most often (in fabric or other products)?  Mine has to be green, hands down I have more greens and blue-greens (aqua, etc) than any other color of fabric.

I’ll share my purple fabric purchases (and hopefully some purple quilt blocks) soon…


14 thoughts on “Color quandry

  1. I’m not usually a big fan of purple either, but it’s growing on me, especially after those gorgeous pictures! I think there is a way to make purple ugly or pretty. I’m sure you will succeed in making it beautiful in your next quilt. Hands down, my go-to color is blue and I think I love all shades of it. Quilting is certainly teaching me to love colors I once was not crazy about!

  2. I am not in love with brown, though I do have some that probably came in scrap packs or were given to me. I seem to have lots of reds. I would love to collect some low volume.

  3. It’s a beautiful quilt Doris! Not drawn to red, but seem to have loads, love love love vibrant lime fresh greens abut have a larger stash of blues too :).

  4. I’m with you…i just don’t like purple in my home. Flowers yes, home no. I love lime green and all shades of green.

  5. I think you should knit yourself a sweater with that purple yarn; then you will be in love with purple forever. I love purple! So does Audrey so I get to sew with purple for her. There is a certain green – between kelly green and a yellow-green that makes me cringe.

  6. I would have to say that my least favorite is maroon. I use it, but simply because I use donated fabric for all of my creations. I have to say that I am drawn to orange. Those purple pix are outstanding. God is so generous with His color offerings.

  7. love the history behind colors. it’s really interesting stuff. i’m a big fan of pink and purple myself (but weirdly, i don’t have much purple in my stash either!)

  8. Lemme know if you want some supplemental purple scraps (I can send a house warming gift) – I scrounged up quite a bit when I made my stocking last Christmas! I’m not a huge fan of brown or green (yet I seem to own a lot of green fabric). I also never caught the orange/aqua bug…

  9. I am not a big fan of blue….but that seems to be such a popular color! My favorites are red, orange and every green I see. I have some purples in my stash, but I don’t have any purple clothing. I am not a fan of pastels either, except for baby quilts.

  10. Funny, but my color preferences have changed since moving. Orange and aqua are now my go-to colors, but there really isn’t any color I don’t like. My purple stash is low, but that’s because I made quilt with them. Oh, but I do miss those Iowa lilacs! We had big bushes of them… which are mostly likely covered in snow now, I hear. How’s that home-ownership thing and snow-shoveling going for ya?!

  11. I’m with you, sister! Purple is not for me, either. But you already know that. However, I don’t mind seeing it in gardens. I do like lavender buds. Dave even has it planted in our yard. Maybe it’s the wonderful smell I like? Blue is definitely my go-to color. It always makes me feel good and I have way more of it in my stash than any other color.

  12. Hi Doris,
    So good to hear from you! I appreciate you entering my giveaway. 🙂

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your purple quilt.

    Glad to hear that you spotted my quilt in QUILT. 😉

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