Seems so long ago…

In October 2013, our Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild chapter exchanged tote bags we made for another member of the guild. Mine was made by Leila, and she blogged about it here. I took pictures in October (2013) of the bag I made, and in January (2014) of the bag I received…BagFromLeila3The bag I’m carrying is the one Leila made me. It’s reversible, made with Echino linens… (grabbed this photo from Leila because my photo of this side didn’t turn out)

BagFromLeila5incorporates my love of Britain…BagFromLeila1

BagFromLeila2Love the triple zipper pocket…

BagFromLeila4And the bag I made was for Melissa; she likes Heather Ross and Lizzy House prints, orange and yellow and grey color combinations. I started with some fussy-cutting of Heather Ross fabrics…

ToteBagSwapA1which morphed into a front and back panel bordered with linen on each side…some big stitch quilting…


ToteSwap3The lining is from Lizzy House’s Red Letter Day collection…

ToteSwap2And the finished front and back:


ToteFinal2Blogged over a year late, but better late than never…

Happy Sewing,



3 thoughts on “Seems so long ago…

  1. Well, you might feel older, but I am going to have to disagree with the looking older bit. 🙂
    And I am super honored that you took my bag to a quilting event! Everyone knows that you have to have a cool handmade bag at such an event and I am glad mine passed muster.
    I love your patchwork panel with the linen on the sides. I am also going to have to try making straps that run down the front of the bag. I like that look. And the bit of elastic in the pocket for the phone is brilliant!

    • Ha, Leila–it might help if I started wearing makeup regularly and got back to some sort of skin regimen again… I even weigh 15+ lbs. less than I did in that photo, but I still see the age on my face in the mirror. The strap idea I think came from the book, the Bag Bible, which I know I referred to in creating Melissa’s bag.

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