Wrapped in Love (Part III)

In July, I received a second comfort quilt. This one came from my Grubers Retreat friends, at our 5th annual July retreat. Though they live in eight different states, they each made two blocks from the same pattern, sent them to Michigan (I think) for Stephanie to piece the back and front of the quilt, then sending it off to Missouri for Shelly to quilt it, and back to Minnesota for Amanda bind it–all in a matter of a few short months. GrubersQuiltFull

It’s wonderful–they know my tastes so well, many of my favorite fabrics and favorite designers in there (including a Ghastlies block!) as well as some blocks that represent them and their fabric faves! It was fun trying to guess who made each block (but not that easy!):


The back has a signature block from each of them, such a sweet touch…

GrubersBack1Of course, we had to haul it outdoors for a photo shoot (it helps to have two willing quilt holders!) GrubersQuiltFullPeekingI slept under this quilt at the retreat center, as I have many nights since then. Here it is on the bed at the Grubers Retreat Center (I can hardly wait to spend another weekend there this July with this crew–counting the days…):




6 thoughts on “Wrapped in Love (Part III)

  1. Wow–truly you. What a wonderful labor of love & gift. It’s humbling to find out, or be reminded, how many care about you in the crunch. Thx for your recent posts about this.

  2. I love this quilt! It is taking over as a favorite among those I have seen posted. I love the colors. And especially the design. What a wonderful way for these ladies to express their love and caring by making these quilts for you.

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