About Me

Doris at WorkI tell people I was born an artist, and as soon as I could hold a crayon in my chubby little fingers, I started coloring on the walls of our house–behind the doors, of course! I have two advanced degrees in Art & Design, and though I have a “real job” that doesn’t directly utilize that education, I’m always creating, learning, trying and exploring–I gather very little moss.

I learned to sew clothing as a kid, learned to hand-quilt as a teenager, but then I got too busy for quilting and sewing.  After finishing up my formal education, I picked it back up, and haven’t stopped since.  I am co-founder of the Des Moines (Iowa) Modern Quilt Guild, co-owner of a pattern business, Row House Creations, and sponge for all things art, quilt, design and graphic!

photo credit: Don Barnes, 2015


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