I’ve spent much of the past week in bed, knocked out by a nasty upper respiratory infection of some sort…but am finally on the mend.

While I didn’t have much of chance to create this weekend, I did manage to do a little holiday decorating…
We had a beautiful December 1st snowfall, the kind that turns everything into a crystal wonderland (sorry, I didn’t have enough energy to get outdoors for a photo or two…)

which has definitely put me in the spirit, and I’m looking forward to a joyful Advent season…

so when I start to complain about winter weather in a few weeks, remind me of these words!

Like foolish folk of old I would not be,
Who had no room that night for Him and thee.
See, Mother Mary, here within my heart
I’ve made a little shrine for Him apart;
Swept it of sin, and cleansed it with all care;
Warmed it with love and scented it with prayer.
So, Mother, when the Christmas anthems start,
Please let me hold your baby–in my heart.

Sr. Maryanna, O.P.