Spring 2009 Virtual Quilt Festival

Amy is hosting a virtual Quilt Show this week. Here is my entry…sure to win Best of Show. (Just kidding, I’m really not that cocky! But since it’s a virtual world…a girl can dream, right?!) I chose this quilt as my entry into Amy’s “Festival” because it was my first true “art quilt” and I truly love how it turned out. The batiks blend together beautifully, I used alot of thread painting and quilting techniques I had not tried before and the overall product is, in my humble opinion, stunning. Here is it’s story:

My sweetie is a major fan of Django Reinhardt, a gypsy jazz musician from Belgium, who died in 1953. In addition to idolizing Django, he plays the guitar (a Martin that he refers to as “The Grail”) and the mandolin. I made him this art quilt for Christmas 2005. The name of the quilt is “Gypsy Django”.
The guitar in the quilt is created from the jazz guitar that Sweetie owned at the time, prior to purchasing The Grail and selling all other “inferior” guitars in his possession. The two mandolins are also his, the inlay one was his grandfather’s, and the “triangular” one he made himself.
This is the mandolin his grandfather owned and played, it’s beautiful, with a mother-of-pearl inlaid butterfly, and m-of-p inlay around the edges and on the neck. It’s a true work of art and is proudly displayed on the mantel.
We aren’t sure how old the mandolin is, or where it came from, but he has this photo of his grandfather (on the left) playing this very mandolin in the very early 20th Century:
The mandolin he made himself hangs on the bedroom wall when not in use.
I used a batik on the back and binding as well. This was my first foray into “creative” quilt labels. Now, go see Amy and enjoy the rest of the “show”! Oh! One more thing…go check out this birthday giveaway:



***WE HAVE A WINNER!!! For the details, check out today’s post, here…

Happy 2009!!!!

I am starting the year off by, #1, having a STASH BUSTING SALE on my etsy site, here…I went on a mad cleaning and organizing kick, and decided to sell off about one third of my stash! Good stuff, I tell you, at ROCK BOTTOM prices! UPDATE: I have the majority of it now posted, including some retired Anna Maria Horner, Heather Ross and Amy Butler fabrics!

And, #2, having a giveaway in conjunction with Debi’s Whirl Into Winter giveaway! I will be giving away this lovely blue & white “Winter Wonderland” table runner, made in the style of my Jolly Holly Table Runner, on January 15, 2009! It measures 14″ x 47″.
It can be yours if you leave a comment on this post bewteen 12:01 a.m. January 1, and 11:59 p.m. January 14, 2009. Please include in your post, an EMAIL address, your name, where you live, and a 2009 New Year’s Resolution that you actually intend to KEEP. I know, of course, you plan to keep everyone you make, right?!
Thanks again for stopping by, and thanks to Debi for organizing this giveaway!

And a submarine.

I met my best friend 20 years ago (next month)…we had the good fortune of being assigned to live on the same floor of our dormitory. It was my second year, her first. We were both a little shy at first, not real outgoing, not too confident, two peas in a pod. We’ve been friends for 20 years. Some of those years, we never saw each other. She’s always lived in Iowa, but I spread my wings for a time, and living on the East Coast as a student, usually only made it home to see my family at Christmas. We spoke on the phone every couple of months, always admonishing ourselves for not being “better friends” and “keeping in touch”…but that’s just it. We were friends. We would always be friends. We didn’t have to talk to each other every day to be friends.

Saturday, I got to spend the day with her and her mom, doing girl stuff and going to see Mama Mia and eating theater popcorn for dinner. These days, we live about ten miles apart. I see her every month, I can talk to her whenever I want, I can drive over to see her whenever I want. I was here for her wedding, for the birth and baptism of her babies, and seeing them grow.

Her oldest, a little guy who will be turning four in two short months, is a cherubic little genius who never fails to bring a smile to my face. They moved to a new home last year, and she asked if I would paint a mural in his bedroom. In interviewing my little “client”, we determined that the mural was to have a truck, an airplane, a school bus, a boat, Daddy’s truck, and a submarine. That’s right, all that and a sub, too. This is the mural I painted in his new bedroom:
Complete with Daddy’s truck (on the bridge), my Beetle and Mommy’s car at the stop sign…
and, of course, a submarine…