Sew Happy

I’ve had a chance to get some sewing in lately, which makes me a very happy girl. I haven’t had as much time to blog about it, but not to worry, I always get around to it eventually. And, of course, when I sew or quilt, I always have a helper of two…
I made myself a new pair of flannel pajama bottoms out of the adorable Riley Blake “Be Merry” snowmen…One reason I like to make pajamas for myself is that I can make them long enough! Readymade pants and pajamas are typically just a hair too short for me. I trimmed them in a cute striped cuff at the bottom of the pant leg:In addition to my sewing, I found time to make birthday shirts for two special little nephews…a separate post on tomorrow’s Curious George birthday party will come next week!
How cute are these?!?!
Can’t wait to see them wearing them…

Happy sewing weekend,


Star Wars in Screenprint

If you’ve read my blog for long, you know that despite having no children of my own, I do spoil the little ones in my life. My best friend’s son turned five on Thursday. Last year, everything was about the pirates and I made him this. This year? It’s all Star Wars, all the time. I had to Google what a “clone trooper” was (his Halloween costume) because I am of the original Star Wars generation, being just seven years old when the first movie came out, and I’ve only seen one other Star Wars film beyond that first one. I like the original. But…Star Wars, I’ve found out, has come a long way since the C3PO and R2D2 and hunky Han Solo of my youth.

I prefer to make something when a gift is in order. With boys, it gets soooo much harder as they get older. But then I remembered seeing this idea from Amy. And a unique birthday gift was born…
I started with two tiny downloaded images from the web…drew them larger and put them together into one cohesive design. Cut out a freezer paper stencil…the tedious part…
Ironed it on to the t-shirt, and ironed on another piece of freezer paper to the inside of the shirt front, for stability and as a paint blotter for any that might seep through. stippled paint on for about a half hour making sure everything covered evenly…Waited patiently over night to remove the stencil…and VOILA! An original Doris Screenprint!I wish you could see this and touch it, it really does look just like a professionally screen-printed design! Not bad for a girl who didn’t know what a Clone Trooper was a week ago, huh?!?His Star Wars/Lego birthday party is today, and I can’t wait to give this to him! I also have several more “screen print” designs in mind for future projects.

Wedding Dress Remake

Well, bridesmaid dress, really, but that’s a “wedding dress”, right? This is the dress I wore in May 2000, as Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding:

The photos are terrible, we’ve had so much rain lately I’ve had a hard time taking nicely lit photos. Anyway…the color is a very pretty deep eggplant (not really purple, not really wine-colored, truly eggplant). An empire-style bodice and waist with a very flowy, A-line, georgette fabric skirt. Not something you would ever wear again, but we all remember them as being incredibly comfortable and fun to dance in that evening! And here is the back…plain except for a tiny bow at the zipper with long streamers hanging down.

I’ve thought many times over the past nine-years that I should donate it to one of those “prom-dresses-for-inner-city-kids” programs, or something like that, but I had an idea in the back of my mind, should they ever have a daughter….that kept me from giving it away.

Well, they did have a little girl, I blogged about her and her quilt last July. She came into the world two years ago today. This is her birthday present that I will be giving her at her party on Sunday: (You can click on my photos to enlarge them and see details better!)

This dress is a size 2T, styled much the same way as the grown-up version, including the same bodice fabric, the same lining fabric and the same skirt fabric. Even the same little bow has been transferred to the same spot on her dress.

The sleeves are a little diffrent, made from two overlapping leaf-shaped pieces, fully-lined, with a slight gather at the shoulder. I think she’ll have fun twirling around in this pretty party dress!

But, that’s not all I made. We all know kids don’t get excited about receiving clothing as presents, so I made her a kitty doll, with a dress that matches hers just perfectly:

I started with the Cat Doll pattern in the current issue of Stitch, but I actually ended up using very little of the original pattern. I changed almost everything. I know, so typical of me, huh?!

Including just using straight legs and feet, and adding a sweet pair of black Mary Janes, complete with white button closure…(and don’t you just love her striped stockings?!)

Giving the kitty a swishing, curved tail, ’cause no kitty I’ve ever met had a straight tail…

Changing the face, the shape of the head, and of course, giving her a dress that is separate from her body. She is about 18″ tall, and I need to give her a name I think, before I gift her to Addison. Anyone got any suggestions for a name that would work well with her new mom, Addison’s, name?

Wardrobe Remake

It seems everyone is trying to be a little more frugal these days, recycling… reusing… upcycling… making do… I am no exception. Add that to the fact that I have now lost over 20 pounds since January, and can’t afford a new wardrobe in each size while I am still losing weight, I’m always looking for ways of making my clothing “make-do” or “get-by”. I found this dress on the 85% off rack of a department store early this Spring…

It was with the Winter clearance, so obvisouly a leftover from lastSummer…there was an issue with the zipper and the bodice was grossly undersized for me (and probably anypne else that would wear this size) so it remained on clearance. I loved the fabric in it…and could see potential as a casual summer skirt…so…

I found a great companion fabric at JoAnn’s and whipped this up last weekend:

I’m modeling it here with a dark brown top, but I actually wore this the other day with a crisp white cotton top and got lots of compliments on my “new skirt”! The best part is, I can easily make it smaller as I continue to go down in size! I have more of these wardrobe remakes to do in the coming weeks…gotta get that Summer wardrobe ready!

On another note, I thought you might like to see a picture of our new little addition…my grand-niece, Raegan, proud new owner of the French Roses quilt I showed you here.

She looks pretty sweet…and I can’t wait to meet her!

Baby Love

Remember this cute little guy? I showed you a sneak peek right before Easter…

Well, he went to this sweet little guy…who normally has a very sunny disposition and a never ending smile…but he simply did not want to cooperate with a grin for the camera this morning.

He’s still adorable and makes my heart sing every time I see him! He has a few new cousins on the way, both little girls, so I made these this week…

A mongrammed onesie and flannel burp cloth to match!

Every girl needs some monogrammed goodness, right?! These were so easy to make and I know will be greatly appreciated by their non-sewing mommies!

Here is the beautiful quilt that Victoria made from the 9-patch blocks that I, and quilters from all over the globe made and contributed to the project… She called it “Nothing But Kisses” (get it? It’s all x’s!) Isn’t it gorgeous!? Do you want it? It is being auctioned off for a great charity, Love Without Boundaries. To visit the auction, click on the quilt!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Handwork, handiwork

Is there a difference between those two? It seems they are the same thing, but I guess we use the term “handiwork” to describe anything made or done, like a landscaper’s handiwork, or the handiwork of a cook, whereas handwork is something specifically made with your hands… This is what Merriam Wenster has to say about it…

hand·i·work Pronunciation: \ˈhan-di-ˌwərk, -dē-\

a: work done by the hands b: work done personally handiwork>2: the product of handwork

hand·work Pronunciation: \ˈhand-ˌwərk\
work done with the hands and not by machines

But I digress. I promised you some photos of projects I’ve been working on, so without further adieu, or digression, here is the handiwork of some of my handwork…

I’ve done some more work on the nearly completed, WIP since June 2008, Liberty Garden wallhanging. The beadwork is nearly done, and there is just a small amount of embroidery left to complete the center. I’ve decided the border needs to be redone, so that will come off, a small red inner border will be added and the piano key border will be sewn back on. Then quilting and…drumroll, please…..hanging!

I also completed this adorable little guy just in time for the upcoming holiday…

Can’t reveal the rest of him just yet… He was made from a vintage transfer, posted on Flickr in the Hoop Love Vintage Transfer group. Probably a design originally from the 1930s. Ain’t he sweet?!

Have you been doing any handwork lately? I’ve been trying to always keep a handwork project with me so that I can make use of any time I spend waiting, in the car, at a doctor’s office, etc. I’m not a patient person when it comes to just waiting, so this really helps make the time fly!