Holy Masquerade, Batman!


(That’s an actual Robin quote, btw)  So, the big reveal… no one got both correct, but it would have been an impressive guess if you had–

We were the Joker and Catwoman (based on the 1966 television portrayals by Cesar Romero and Julie Newmar).  The originals:

and us, as Joker and Catwoman:

And yes, I made the costumes.  How?  It started with a trip to Goodwill where we bought:

And then a stop into the supermarket two doors down from Goodwill to buy some Rit Fabric Dye (the green dye was intended for Joker’s shirt, but we ended up not using it):

I started by washing everything, the Linen capri & blouse set and the green shirt were washed in a bath of Color Remover (which didn’t really do a thing); then I soaked the linen set in the purple dye for several hours (washing machine method).  After it dried, the color was very uneven, but I got to work anyway.

I removed the short sleeves from the linen blouse, cut long sleeves from the capri pants legs, and attached the new sleeves to the jacket.  Then I cut the bottom of the blouse off, made a pointed hem on each side in the front, and added tails to the jacket (which you cannot see in the pics, sadly)–so it looked just like The Joker’s tuxedo jacket. From the scraps of fabric I had removed from the blouse and the leftovers from the pant legs, I made a collar and lapel and attached them to finish the jacket.

THEN… sweetie went back to the supermarket to buy another box of purple dye, and we did the dye bath again, this time on the stovetop–worked great, we got a good solid cover of vibrant purple!  The only problem was, I hadn’t reinforced my seams and the linen blend raveled like crazy and I had to re-sew. every. single. seam.  Ugh.  Disaster averted–one purple Joker dinner jacket complete.  We decided the shirt wouldn’t take the dye anyway, because of the sateen finish, so we left it as is.  Same with the pants, they fit perfectly. Win! I did his makeup, which made the costume, I think:

On to Catwoman.  I cut the bottom of the dress off, removed the belt loops, and attached the “leather” belt at hip level to create the Mod-look 1960s “catsuit”.  The sleeves required slight adjustments to make it fit more closely — maybe a half hour sewing time, tops.  Add to that a pair of black leggings and boots from my closet, and I bought a long red wig at Target for $8.00, and the cat ears and mask from our theatrical shop (painted the mask with black glitter paint and it was good to go), added elbow length black satin gloves, and a necklace from my jewelry box, and voila!

To finish off the Joker costume, we purchased green hair paint and re-painted a wig from last Halloween, and bought bright purple gloves.  I cut the hem from the black dress I cut up for my Catwoman top, and tied it on him for his necktie.


Blogtoberfest Day XXXI–A Very Happy Halloween

….from (in order of appearance…):
the Bull
Pig Will
Pig Won’t
the Mermaid
her Mama
Thing 1 (that’s Me!)
Thing 2
Richard Simmons
the Clown
the Gypsy
the Witch
the Ninja
Boba Fett
the Soldier
the Nudist
and the Game of Cat & Mouse

(Weren’t you relieved to see the nudist was on strike?!?)

Until next year, and another month of Halloween Fun!!!!!

Blogtoberfest Day XXIX–October Stitching

I’ve made 28 straight days of blogging–crazy.  (I missed October 1!)  Lest you think I’ve only sewn up Halloween themed things this month…

I completed a few more hand-pieced hexies for my Candied Hexagon Quilt:


I think that makes 71 completed hexagons now.  (33 to go…or something like that).  To view the rest, see my flickr set.  I made this tasty BEE block for Megan for One Block Over:

It’s only 6.5″ square, she asked for birthday cake blocks she is making a quilt of 60 of them for a friend’s 60th Birthday–isn’t that awesome?  Paper-pieced, of my own design–I embroidered the little flames on with my new obsession, Aurifil Wool 12 wt:

Here’s a sneak peek of my costumes for my sweetie and I, sorry sneak peeks only until after the party tonight!

Maybe you can guess what the ‘guise is with just this little peek?  I’ll be very impressed if you do…

Blogtoberfest Day XXIV–The Littlest Mermaid

Ifinished up the Pig Will and Pig Won’t Costumes on Friday evening, andon Saturday, got out my paintbrushes and fabric paints to create amermaid costume for baby sister…

I started with a white onesie, gave her a clam shell top tied with seaweed and a starfish clasp at the back…

added a pearl and seashell necklace, and a seaweed bracelet…


Made her a clam shell quilted fin…

and a matching headpiece, complete with clam shell, pearl and mother-of-pearl heart…

Her she is, the littlest (and possibly the cutest) mermaid…Miss Zoe Seaweed:

and here she is with big brother, Pig Won’t (he looks a little too happy to be Pig Won’t but he was extremely excited about his new costume!):

There is no photo of their middle sibling, Pig Will, because my camera is simply not equipped to photograph perpetual motion.  

Pig Will & Pig Won’t Costume Details:

  • took 2 yards of pink flannel for one size 3T and one size 4T costume.
  • I started with a pattern, but ended up free-handing most of the costume, including hooves to cover their hands and shoes.  (I could have saved my time and effort, the “hooves” stayed on about 10 minutes).
  • snouts were purchased, as were the polo shirt and shorts

Mermaid Costume Details:

  • Purchased onesie and white headband
  • fin was freehand drawn and cut from Me & My Sister “Smores” fabric, lined with flannel and free-motion quilted in a clam shell design.  Top is finished with rick-rack.
  • All details painted on onesie were freehand drawn and painted by yours truly
  • From start to finish, this costume took me about three hours.  (MUCH less time than the pig costumes…)
  • It just fits her, I’m guessing by November 4, when she turns 3-months old it will no longer fit.  I cannot believe how much that child grew in two weeks!!!
  • She didn’t mind wearing it all, the fin was sort of like she was swaddled up for bedtime…

Tomorrow is Day 2 of the Ghastlies Blog Hop–MY Day!  Come back to see what I created with the Ghastlie Family Portraits…

Blogtoberfest Day XXI–Custom Costumes

I had this post written, once…  then Blogger ate my homework.  So maddening.  (Now that I re-wrote it, post number one better not magically reappear!)
I have a thing for clever, crafted, homemade Halloween costumes, like those I showed two weeks ago. Have you ever made Halloween costumes?  Are you this year?  Sweetie and I are doing hand-crafted, but much less involved than last year’s crafting and sewing.  However…
Do you know the work of Richard Scarry?  Do you know there is a whole new generation of kids enjoying his work?  That new generation includes my pre-school aged nephews.  They are familiar with the same Richard Scarry characters from the books of my childhood!
Do you know who Pig Will and Pig Won’t are?  (pssst…. I didn’t either!) Well, that is what nephew #1 decided he and his little brother are going to be for Halloween.  And guess who he asked to make them?  So…
Four pig ears (lined with pipe cleaners/chenille sticks so we can pose them correctly), two pairs of blue shorts, a red polo shirt and a green polo shirt later… Oh!  and two twisty tails (also with a pipe cleaner/chenille stick in the middle, to make them “springy”)……

……We almost have two complete pig costumes for an almost-three and almost-four-year-old, who couldn’t be more excited about his choice of costume.  I hope to put the finishing details on them tomorrow, so I can start on the costume for their lil’ sister:

Yeah, like she’ll know the difference, I know… But, I am not about to pass up making something adorable for this little bitty.  Look at that face.  I’m pretty she can have anything she ever wants as long as she asks Aunt Doris for it.  
This week’s Blogtoberfest Giveaway:  is the Scrappy Charm Witch Pincushion from yesterday’s post, and today I’m adding a treat to it, (not pictured, because let’s admit it, if I bought the treat NOW, I would have to repurchase it before sending the package out to the winner next week!  I’m not foolin’ anyone…  
So, today I want to know, do you have a favorite costume memory from your childhood?  Mine is a gypsy costume that my Mom made when I was 7 or 8, out of many layers of pastel colored organza, chiffon type materials, a la Esmeralda…  I’m pretty sure it was the flowy, girly, fabrics that did it for me.

How about you?