Creative Clips

It’s been a month.  A month of quiet; A month of busy.  A month of reading books; A month of prayer.  A month of work… of appointments… of meetings… of housework… of meal-planning and cooking… of illness and exhaustion… of tears and of laughter… and a break from feeling obligated to journal here.  Resolutions were made; and kept (still going strong!).  Change (improvement?) was made in so many ways, and excitement and anticipation of the next few months is high. 

When I started my blog, I posted (nearly) weekly “creative clips” showing small things I worked on or did, that didn’t necessarily warrant an entire blog post.  Sort of like my friend Cindy’s “Really Random” posts–only not as amusing as her posts.  😉  I’ve decided I’m bringing Creative Clips back in 2012.  So here goes:

Creative Clips, Weeks 1, 2 & 3!

My SIL is making a 100 Wishes Quilt for the son they recently brought home from China.  I surprised them at Christmas by giving them two special blocks, hand embroidered and sashed to match her quilt blocks, with dates to represent their trip to China, his birthday and adoption date (“gotcha day”), and the date he became a citizen of the United States–all within an outline of his two countries:

On December18th, my Sweetie and I went to meet our new nephew, and then, a few days after Christmas, he and his big brother spent a few hours at our place while Mom went on a lunch date and ran a few errands.  It’s amazing, they are truly brothers, as if they have been since birth.  His first trip to Dairy Queen with uncle and auntie:

I didn’t sew any gifts to give this year, however I did have a customer request for a set of Mother/Daughter aprons… using this sweet cupcake fabric from my stash, I made an apron for a 3-year old girl and her mommy–who enjoy baking together:

Like Katy, I sometimes resist cutting into “precious” fabrics in my stash because I’m saving it for something “special”.  Silly, huh?  Well, I opened a Good Fortune layer cake and started sewing last weekend… on a sewing day at my place with two awesome friends:

Seriously, I have to get over that–the stash is there to be used, Amy Butler and Heather Ross and all…

It just felt  good to sew again…. and have I ever mentioned how much I love to chain-piece?

I did a little hand-piecing on a short road trip over the holiday week; a little progress on the hexagon quilt:

I enjoyed twelve days off from the job at holiday time, and spent much of that time sleeping (even though I had grand intentions of spending it creating!)… I guess your body knows when it has reached a certain point of sleep deprivation, and my body decided to revolt and take the sleep it needed no matter what the right side of the brain was demanding. 
Life is indeed good, and I am blessed,

Creative Clips #6

This week I managed to get in a little sewing, I finished appliqueing the heart blocks…

Obviously, this quilt will have to be finished for St. Valentine’s Day 2010…

Sketched some ideas for setting them, and formulated a final plan in my mind…

Made this fun little Valentine for my Valentine…(not an original idea, I saw it on Craftzine, first)

It’s filled with some sweet sentiments, some funny things, and an inside joke or two…

It was a lot of fun to make, cost less than $5 and was so appreciated! It has a special place of honor on the nightstand next to his pillow.

We exchanged our handmade gifts on Friday the 13th, and my sweetie and I went to dinner at Django

Named after an idol of his…and offering up possibly the best french cooking I’ve ever had! (and that is saying something, since I actually spent a long weekend in Paris once!) The restaurant had French posters (advertisements and graphic design posters) throughout as artwork on the walls. I would have liked to shoot a pic of them all…but not wanting to annoy the patrons seated below them, I resisted. I did snap this one in the hallway to the water closet…

Less artistic than the others…but CHECK OUT THAT DRESS! The dress alone would have sold me on the new Frigidaire!