I want to ride my bicycle….Bi-cycle!

Is what I bought last night.

Unfortunately, this….
Is the view from my front porch this morning.


I guess we will be exercising indoors for a few more….months.


We have a winner!

According to Random.org, our winner of the 100th Post Giveaway is post #13, by Jacquie! I’ve been reading Jacquie’s blog, Tallgrass Prairie Studio for a long time. She makes some fabulous pattern-free quilts, has a great sense of style, and is even mastering freemotion quilting! (I’m still struggling on that one!)
And finally, Monday Mile Marker #10…

I managed to eek out 21 miles of activity this week…I felt like I wasn’t exercising much, but I spent a great deal of time on my feet and moving. That pedometer does add up!

This week I am looking forward to a retreat weekend…finishing a few more UFQs and maybe starting a new project or two. And seeing a little more of my new nephew, who will be home from the NICU soon. How’bout you, what are you looking forward to?What a cute lil’ pumpkin!

Monday Mile Marker #9

I was a little less motivated this week…so my total activity miles were only 18. But hey, that’s much better than 8 (and WAY better than zero!)

Not much fun creating going on, but I’m making great progress on this UFP…the slipcovers are nearing completion and may soon be going back to their home so I don’t have to look at them everyday!

Wish I could be doing some fun sewing…like creating a banner like this one…
But a deal is a deal. The slipcovers must get finished first. Sigh.

I Adore Autumn

I have been trying to walk more this month, and get out and enjoy the season…my favorite…and all too short. Our neighboring Nebraska saw snowfall this week! EEEK! Sunday, my sweetie and I went for a long walk on a greenbelt trail. It was a gorgeous day, and a great way to spend an afternoon.
If only every day could be so filled with enthusiasm and joy! I love that shot above—soft shades of green, the leaves just beginning to change, dappled sunlight…yum! My camera shy walking companion….
And…I have a new blog design! How do you like my new look?

Even more exciting, I have a new nephew, born just before midnight on Thursday…will post photos soon!

Monday Mile Marker #6 (#7, and #8!)

So I got a tad behind on my mile posting! A mere three weeks, that’s all. However, I have been recording, I have been racking up miles, I have been working out…just not posting. Apparently.
So, my Monday Mile Marker #6 for the week of September 29-October 5: 11 miles.
#7, for the week of October 6-12: 29 miles…yes, TWENTY-NINE!!!! This was the week of the Quilt Expo…
and Monday Mile Marker #8, for week October 13-19: 18.5 miles.
Perhaps the extra miles are coming easier because I’m enjoying the blessed, beautiful weather of my favorite-albeit-far-too-short season…
Feeling stronger. Feeling healthier. Feeling energized. Feeling Motivated. Feeling Inspired.

Visit Wendy’s blog for more info on the Crafty, Creative & Fit challenge…

Monday Mile Marker #5


I’m still working on that third one, but plugging away…

This week’s miles: 10.25 (included power walking, packing & lifting boxes, strength training class, water aerobics class). So…that means in the month of September, I logged 54.75 miles of activity above and beyond my daily walking/housework activities. I’m going to shoot for more than 60 miles in October!

So, starting from my home in Des Moines, and going 54.75 miles to the East (and a tad north) I am now in Grinnell, IA, home of my favorite quilt shop (!) and an all around great little city!

See Wendy’s blog for more info on this effort!