Sun Drenched

I had so much fun sewing the other night…the former art student in me was in 7th heaven!  …creating my June Block for One Block Over.  Andrea wants to make a quilt inspired by the artwork of Ton Schulten.  I was unfamiliar with his work before Andrea posted her idea.  Now, I’m quite smitten by all things Ton Schulten. 

Andrea sent this in her package:

The solids at the top of the photo are the “shadow” colors, and the solids at the bottom are for the “sun drenched” portion of the painting.  Also included was a thumbnail image from a Ton Schulten calendar for inspiration.  Yeah, I’m smitten.

I wanted to interpret the thumbnail image somewhat literally, (although, Andrea asked for no trees or buildings, she wanted abstract!) so I started free-piecing, creating the left side first, then recreating the right side of the painting… 

Then I went back and free-pieced the center section, pulling two additional yellow/gold solids from my solids stash to get a little more variety in my pigment.

So again here is the inspiration painting, and my finished block….


So what do you think, Bee Block or Art Quilt?  

Maybe a little bit of both…


Show your stripes

Wow, ya’ll get excited over new hardware…don’t ya? The new Horizon quilts like a dream! Seriously, once I got that baby set to go, not a tension issue or snag through two full bobbins of free-motion quilting!

Making progress on the Chrysanthemum quilt (above)…

On other fronts, it seems like I’ve been sewing a lot of stripes, or strips lately…this month’s Bee Blocks are no exception! This is the first thing I made on my new machine…a strip block for Amy for our first month of Fresh Modern Bee 2:
Love the greens (!!!) and those little flies were fun to get in there…as long you aren’t squeamish about bugs.
And this one is my final block for Sew Connected 2, for Kristen:

She sent us pieces of her husband’s old shirts and asked for free-pieced, Gee’s Bend style blocks. I’m sort of getting hooked on free-piecing with all of these fun Bee Blocks I’ve made…

Packing for the retreat this weekend, and getting ready to send off my packages for One Block Over…


See that little guy in the center, in the plaid shorts and green sweater? Isn’t he adorable, like he’s playing hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo?! And see those sweet little bluebirds and bumble bees? I love this fabric, it’s called “scouts” by Alexander Henry. It’s been in my stash for a while, and not wanting to chop it up too much, I mad e acute little asymmetrical, improvisational boy quilt showcasing the fabric in all it’s glory.
I’m also a big fan of that orange and white starburst fabric in the strips that surround my row of different sized coins.The quilting on the strippy side is straight line, and over the scouts fabric I stippled (I’m even getting pretty good at that!)
The backing a sweet. soft flannel, that I got some time ago from JoAnn’s. And the binding is a scrappy orange pieced binding, incorporating several of the fabrics I used in the coins. I’m really liking this quilt, and might even be a little sad to give it away in the next few weeks…

…not that I have any use for it, myself…

A little progress…

This week I made some progress on getting two baby/toddler tops quilted, I finished the tops back in September on a retreat. It has taken me a while to get back to them after moving. I basted them both on Sunday, and have almost finished quilting this one:
All blues and oranges to showcase that great Alexander Henry print, which I think is called “scouts”. More photos soon!

I had a little help while basting that one…(yes, that is my batting he has burrowed under)
It’s no wonder it takes me so long to get anything done! I used up scraps of my Prints Charming rocket fabrics that I made the rocket men from last Christmas to create this one:
Hopefully I will get it quilted this weekend.That’s all I have to show for now… So head on over and wish Leah a big Happy Birthday for me! She’s heading up the Giving Thanks Challenge that I’m participating in this month. Go! Now!