Really Random: Retro-fied


Linking up today with Cindy over here.

I meant to share this when I first found it… my fortune cookie at dinner, the weekend before we released our Modern Fortune pattern (I practically jumped for joy!  Took it as agreat sign, because, yes, I believe in these things…):

This was around the same time that I found this at the check out of a local hardware store…

Brought back a blast from the past, I remember my brother and I begging Mom to buy this for us (curiosity got the best of me, I had to find out if it tasted as good as it did in 1976).  It did not.  Clearly the recipe changed, or my 43 year-old tastebuds are slightly more sophisticated than my six-year-old tastebuds were.  I’m more of an Orbit girl these days… and what quilter wouldn’t be with these inspiring packages…?!?

I can’t help but see some modern quilts there.  And these mugs found at Target, recently?  So quilt-y…

I also think they look a little 1970s retro… which I tend to like (see Fruit Stripe Gum story above).  My last car was a 2002 New Beetle, sadly, I had to replace it this last month, but I bought another fun, little, retro car in it’s place:

I love it!  It’s a Mini Cooper S (not brand new, but new to me!) in Liquid Yellow, and I was thinking of naming her Buttercup or Daisy… just not certain.  That little yellow car just makes me happy–she is my Sunshine!  I’m going to have to sew some items for her, too. Then my BIL referred to me as Driving Miss Daisy.  Not sure if that’s a good connotation or not…  What do you think, is she a Daisy or a Buttercup?

Incidentally, there is an SUV in the area that I live with a vanity plate that reads “BUTTRCP”–and it’s silver, not yellow– I assume it’s a nickname of the owner.  This is a license plate we saw in Kansas City this summer, we were on our way to a quilt shop we had not been to before.  Guess what?  This driver led us right to it!

So, two questions for you today:  Do you have a personalized license plate?  and do you name your car(s)?


That business of the Pattern Business

Blogtoberfest, Day 19

Next week is International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas. Row House Creations, (that’s me and my partner, Trina) regrettably, will not be attending even though a few of our quilts did make the trip.

You may remember we attended Spring Quilt Market to introduce ourselves to distributors, make contacts with fabric manufacturers, and research the possibility of one day having our own booth at Quilt Market (still a dream at this point!).  It was a very worthwhile trip, and the contacts we made led to some great opportunities and increased pattern sales.

These days, we are tweaking our third pattern for *hopefully* a late October/early November release.  In the meantime, we have made several different examples of both One Big Cabin, and Modern Fortune.

After seeing the pillow I made for my niece, using the owl applique from One Big Cabin, we wanted to make a feminine version of the entire quilt.  So I selected these fabrics from my stash:


and made this quilt (not yet quilted when I took this photo):


But, that didn’t really give us the fun, atypically colored critters we were going for, so we made yet another girl-y version:


Final shot of this to come; but Trina quilted it in the eleventh hour last week and shipped these sweet little critters off to be displayed at Market in Houston!

We’ve made several different versions of Modern Fortune over the past 4-6 weeks as well.  This one is very close to our cover quilt, and is available as a kit from Quilting Connection in Ames, Iowa (follow the link to contact them to order a kit):


Here it is on my design wall, before it was quilted:


and this one is hanging as shop sample at Quilts and Other Notions, in Creston, Iowa.  It is also available as a kit, made from the collection, Puttin’ on the Ritz by Bunny Hill Designs.  (Again, contact the shop directly to order this kit):


Our baby size of this pattern creates it’s own “scrappy” binding from the fat quarters you use for your blocks–a nice bonus:


The version we made to send to Houston is a completely different look, in bold blues and yellows, it is a vibrant quilt (again, shown here prior to being quilted):


I showed you a twin sized version last week, that hung in our guild show at the AQS Show in Des Moines, Iowa, October 3-6, 2012, here is another shot of it with one of the baby quilts from our pattern cover photo:

While we are looking forward to being able to make some quilts that are not One Big Cabin or Modern Fortune variations, it has been fun to see these quilts come together in different colors, styles and manifestations.  (Secretly, we hope that we are not the only pattern designers making 6-10 versions of every.single.quilt.)  Are we?  If we are, we probably don’t want to know.

This was a fun surprise… it’s One Big Cabin made by our first customer to purchase a pattern, Linda Brandhagen (made for a grandson, I believe).  She emailed this photo to share with us–isn’t it adorable?  Thanks, Linda!

If you have purchased (or won!) a copy of any of our patterns, and made something from it, please share it with us in our flickr group.  We LOVE seeing them made up by other quilters!

To purchase either pattern online (in print or digital format) visit our shop.