Snow Day!

The midwest got slammed by a blizzard this week, Des Moines was blessed was 16 inches of snow, and today, in the calm after the storm, a temp of -3 degrees fahrenheit!!!! Brrrr! I was jumping for joy yesterday when I received news of my Snow Day…

An unexpected day off work = An unexpected day of sewing!

This photo is one I took on my way into work this morning, it’s alongside my car, a snow drift (not a man-made pile of snow) the black band at the bottom is the dashboard of my VW Beetle.

I sewed all day, never stepped outside, didn’t even get out of my pajamas all day. Now, that’s the definition of a good day, my friends. What did I sew, you ask? I finished the stockings that I bought fabric for LAST December….

They are made with red velvet (the real stuff), white fleece, and various bright Christmas fabrics, all from my stash, and most of them from Michael Miller. The Prairie Points were a fun way to dress them up without detracting from the velvet…

I lined each one with a bright, fun fabric as well…

I made my own stocking pattern, since I dislike the shape of many patterns I see. They need to be wide enough to at least squeeze a book or DVD down in there!

My sweetie thought I should embroider our names on them, but I didn’t want to go that far, so I found these little sterling silver photo frame ornaments and appliqued our initials, the frames hang just in front of the stockings on our hooks and really dress up the mantle!

There was another project I worked on after these, but you’ll have to wait to see pics of that one! Not quite finished yet!

Happy Holidays, a blessed Advent, and safe Winter travels to you and yours! And, to my readers Down Under, I hope you are enjoying your warm temps and spring blossoms!