Midwest Modernistas

Last night was the fourth meeting of the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild.  It was a fun get together on a rainy and dreary evening.

Members Jill Guffy & Marny Buck, of Modern Quilt Relish, presented the program.  They were invited earlier this year to judge the Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Challenge: No Prints Allowed! for the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild.  They reviewed thirteen entries submitted for judging, and based on the elements of design, critiqued each quilt, giving every quilter very positive feedback on their entry.

Having been on “the other side of the judging fence” they have an interesting perspective on analyzing, critiquing and judging modern quilts.  We discussed each of the 13 entries, the final selection, and how they came to their final decision.  Thanks, ladies–it was very enlightening!  Here are a few posts from the Ann Arbor Guild, here, here and here.

Following the program, we did our potholder swap.  This is the potholder I made for the swap, inspired by a Hungry Caterpillar fabric scrap, I added scraps of food fabrics in a log cabin style….

and bound it in some leftover bias binding from some other project I can’t even remember any longer (this is why I keep all my leftover binding pieces!), btw, do you love that tea towel from Target with the produce names on it?:

and the back is a scrap of apple fabric…

This is the potholder I received (made by the very talented Jill!):

Made with Denyse Schmidt (and is that heather Ross?!?) fabrics…it’s just my style and I love it, Jill!

There were 10 potholders entered, each one quite unique.  Here’s a look at all 10, individual pics of all on our flickr page:

Next Meeting will be September 15, 6:30 p.m., and we will be revealing our Habitat Challenge Quilts!  I should probably start mine one of these days…


Coffee, anyone?

I made this quick little Christmas gift for a friend who popped to mind when I first saw this coffee themed fabric:

Here’s the back:

She and I have traveled together, and roomed together at various Quilt Retreats over the last five years and she’s admittedly a little grumbly in the morning until she gets her coffee. She’s been known to manipulate and bribe me to go retrieve her coffee for her, just like her hubby does for her at home.

I quilted three little coffee mugs into each end of the runner, and quilted the rest with stippling and shadow quilting:

I hope you are enjoying having it on your table! I received a coffee related gift myself, in our small group grab bag exchange. This potholder and coffee cozy were made by Veronica:

Perfectly my colors, and I love the linen/cotton mix! Beth revealed our almost quilted American Heart Association quilt, that I told you about in November:

It will be auctioned off at the Des Moines AHA Gala in February. Great job on the quilting, Beth!

A great week

I arrived home from work yesterday to a suprise package in the post… it was my Pay It Forward gift from Sue.

She obvisouly paid attention to my blog, ’cause this gift would make one think she knows me in “real” life! A lovely blue-green batik (!) fat quarter…with green leaves…. a green and aqua crocheted hot pad… chocolates (!!) in a green box… and (gasp!) lime green mugs from IKEA (!!!) I love me some green, amd that shade of lime green is too perfect! She also included a lovely greeting on a Rebecca Barker Quiltscapes card (love her work!) Thank you, oh so much, Sue…tonight I will be having tea in my new Ikea mugs with my tea pot resting on the lovely hot pad! This was the perfect hump-day pick-me-up!

Last night, we dyed Easter eggs with the nephews. The 18 month old was really into it, notice him there, double-fisting the boiled eggs. I think he would have liked to take his eggs and go play with them if we had let him.

We only did a dozen, it’s hard to keep a four-year old and a toddler engaged longer than that! But, us big kids had just as much fun. ;->

I love the Spring-time colors…

My good week continued this morning when I won 2nd row tickets to see one of my favorite performers! I already had tickets for Saturday night’s show, but they were no where near the second row…so one of my co-workers will be enjoying those seats.

I hope your week is going just as well as mine…

BTW…would any of my fine readers care to volunteer to be the recipent of my Pay It Forward package? The first one to offer in the comments will be the recipient, you simply have to agree to pay it forward to someone else through your own blog after your receive my gift.

I "Quit" Quilting This Weekend.

Retreat was great fun, as usual…caught up with old friends…


Did some shopping….

And even some sewing….the potholder here was made at the end of day two, just so I could say I “completed” a project! ;->

The hexagon quilt top was sending me into convulsions…I announced around lunchtime on Saturday that I was going to quit quilting, for good. It’s too much pressure, I said. Of course that was before I went to visit The Cupboard and purchased some of the goodies shown above along with some others…and plan to return soon to purchase some 4th of July fabrics for another new project….