Pretty in pink (and purple, too)

My niece turned 1 over the weekend, that’s her focusing intently on the mylar Butterfly balloon tied to that bag of gummy candy I just gave her (she has two big brothers to help her out with the candy) ūüėČ ¬†It is incredible how fast a year can fly by… and she looks so tiny in these pics at age 3 months…

She’s got that looking cute thing down pat. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†My sister has been planning Zoe’s big-girl-bedroom for a few months now, and when I was at Gruber’s last month, I started cutting hexagons for her twin bed quilt (see bottom right photo:)Friday, I started to make a pillow that will match her big-girl quilt. ¬†This was probably as much a birthday gift for her Mommy as it was for her; but keep reading, Zoe liked her gift,¬†very much.

My sister has always loved animals of all kinds, and the inspiration fabric I bought for the quilt is covered in butterflies, and is being used for other items that will go in her room, too. ¬†And, I have been dying to try our One Big Cabin quilt pattern in feminine colors, ever since I first drew the animals… so…. Ta-Da!

A pink owl pillow, with two pretty butterflies (fussy cut from the inspiration fabric) surrounded by scrappy log cabin blocks made from all the fabrics in her quilt! ¬†Isn’t that pink and purple owl precious? ¬†Well, not as precious as that sweet baby girl up there, but it is pretty cute.

There are 9 ¬†little owls hiding in the log cabin blocks, as well as some fussy cut flowers and one red heart. ¬†These are from a Rile Blake fabric by My Mind’s Eye.

On the back, I used a piece of the butterfly inspiration fabric, and found in my stash, I had Cosmo Cricket alphabet fabric that just happened to have the Z and the O lined up, so I decided to make another log cabin block with her name on it:

Zoe’s Mommy loved the pillow, just as I thought she would, but Little Miss Zoe Grace loved it, too:

She did her best to crawl onto the middle of it and perch there proudly, but a 20″ fluffy pillow is pretty big for such a little girl. ¬†So she continued to climb on, roll around on, roll off of, lay her head on… giggling the whole time…

She even found it was useful for baby yoga poses:

(oh to be so flexible)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Zoe Grace! ¬†Thanks for sharing that pretty little smile–Auntie Doris loves you to the moon and back…


One Fish, Two Fish. Red Fish…

Green DRESS!!  ImageOkay, so it doesn’t rhyme, but Dr. Seuss would still be pleased.  This little sweetie had her Golden Birthday on June 5, 2012.  Her Mommy and I were college roomies, and have been best friends for decades.  She wanted a Dr. Seuss party.  Last year it was Hello Kitty, the year before that was a Princess party… she’s a little gal who knows what she likes and knows what she wants.  Image

Incidently, this little Miss has received more Doris-made gifts than any other individual.  The kitty in my blog banner?  Her’s.  She even received a baby quilt while she was still a baby!  She’s gotten one handmade gift from me for every year of her life!

The dress was inspired by this one, and made by grandma.  She played HARD in this dress all day long, girlfriend knows how to work an ensemble.  I started making this quilt from the dress scraps about seven hours before her party started.  ‘Cause, y’know, why start a project ahead of time?


The yellow solid came from my stash, the rest of it came from the scrap basket.  Even the back was a leftover from the dress:


I finished it about 45 minutes before the party… and snapped these photos (in full sunlight–sorry) along the road on the drive to the party.  I had fun weaving that rainbow stripe all the way around the quilt (note there is no binding, it was a sew-and-turn finish).  I got the impression she liked it:



A Saturday well spent.

Spring 2012 Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

A little late throwing my hat in the ring (what’s new?!) but here is my entry into the Spring 2012 Bloggers’ Quilt Festival:

One Big Cabin

In mid April, I announced here that my friend Trina and I had published our first pattern.  It was a long time coming.  As quilt shop employees, we travelled to Spring 2010 Quilt Market together, and we got along so famously, as we always had, we spent the four hour drive home brainstorming ideas for a new business venture together.

It took us a year to actually form Row House Creations, LLP, and another nearly 8 months to actually get that first pattern printed, but it was worth the wait.  We designed this quilt together, brainstorming the layout over iced coffees at Caribou Coffee, I went home and drew the critters, and eventually transformed my sketches into this applique pattern drawing:

I’ve always loved drawing, and this pattern venture is one of the first times I’ve utilized that love and that talent for professional purposes. ¬†I’m so proud when I show people my artwork on this new pattern cover:

One Big Cabin is made using a very simple raw-edge applique technique that anyone can do!

We are both so fortunate to have found such a like-minded business partner. ¬†And, she’s an awesome friend, too! ¬†Trina went to the Machine Quilters Showcase in Kansas City last week, I was travelling with another friend. ¬†She went to Angela Walter’s book signing, and was second-to-the-last person to receive a copy of Angela’s book, for free, signed by Angela. ¬†She texted me this pic of her with Angela Walters (notice the book under her left arm):

When I saw Trina that evening, she gave me the book! ¬†It’s inscribed “To Doris”!!! ¬†Love that girl!

¬†Visit the rest of the Festival Quilts at Amy’s–Enjoy!
For a chance to win a copy of our pattern, visit the Row House Creations blog before Friday.

Designing Women

I showed you sneak peeks of some raw-edge applique I was working on back around Labor Day (YES, that long ago…) and never showed you any more. Not really fair, now, is it? This was one of them: Which is really this guy:But there’s more: After a few delays, lots of road blocks, not enough time away from our real jobs, yada, yada… I am happy to announce the first pattern release of Row House Creations, LLP! and show you the rest of the work: What started out as a dream between two friends on a long car trip nearly two years ago, eventually transformed into these sketches at my kitchen table… and, this week the reality of a printed pattern! The tagline of our company is “Built Upon Classic Foundations”; our designs all start with a traditional quilt block (this time, a half log cabin block) interpreted with a modern quilting aesthetic… My partner, Trina, has 12 years of long arm quilting experience; Quilting guidelines for all of our cover quilts will be provided as an added bonus! No more mind block when it comes to deciding how you should quilt your quilt! Together we have 9 years of quilt shop management and service experience, and 22+ years of sewing and quilting experience! Knowing what quilters want, and anticipating solutions to problems are strengths that come from our experience! Our patterns are written with those qualities in mind.

One Big Cabin is made using a very simple raw-edge applique technique that anyone can do! One jelly roll, or Bali Pop, as we used, will yield enough strips to make two quilts from this pattern. On our website, fat quarters cutting instructions will be provided, and of course, a scrappy “One Big Cabin” would be adorable as well!
For more information on these cute critters and this sweet baby quilt pattern, check out our website and our SHOP!

Candied Hexagon WIP

Long time readers of my blog know I’ve been working on this quilt for quite some time, hand-piecing the entire quilt, on road trips and vacations for the most part. I celebrated finishing the cutting of it at a retreat last month (not including the border), and to date I have completed all of Block Two (17 total):All of Block 3A (9 total):All of Block 3B (9 total):and all of Block 3c (6 total):Block 5 are all done (17 total):and there are 24 Block One (solid 5″ hexagons) that I have fussy cut and ready to go.

So, to finish the blocks for this quilt, I have to hand-piece 22 Diamond Star Hexagons (Block 4), and 12 Half Hexagons (for the edges). 82 blocks COMPLETE, 22 full and 12 half blocks to go. I like the sound of that! Stay tuned, you may even see a finish yet in 2012…