Unconscious Foresight

I shared this on Twitter and Facebook last night:
“Now that quilting fabric is over $11/yard, I’m grateful I had the foresight to stock up”
I was being cheeky, of course, but there is definitely some truth to it.  Maybe stashing/acquiring/hoarding fabric was not really a conscious endeavor… but in hindsight, I’m thankful to I have a good sized stash of fabric to work with. 
You see, once the retail price of quilting cotton went over $9.99, I became very aware of the reaction my psyche had to seeing the $10+ price tag.  And I have to say, it prevented a lot of purchases that would have otherwise been impulse buys.  And, now that the Fall 2011 fabrics have all been hitting the stores at near, or over, $11/yard I’m only buying what I have an actual immediate project in mind for or need for.  This is incredibly rare for me when it comes to my fabric obsession.  
I’ve been reorganizing my stash, hence the Instagram photo in the first place, and as I was folding and refolding and sorting fabric, thoughts swirled in my head about how my purchasing habits have changed and evolved over the past five or so years.
I’m curious how you see it…
Have the higher prices of quilting cotton in the U.S. slowed your buying any?
Are you buying just as much as you did two years ago?  
Are you buying more because the variety of prints and collections on the market are greater and more varied every season?
Do you close your eyes and ignore the price when you find a print you adore?
Do you buy the fabric anyway because you want to support the fabric dealer (LQS or website dealer)?

You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man

National Gingerbread Day is……..not December 5th, but June 5th. Do you think that’s strange? Maybe it just seems strange because here in the United States we think of gingerbread as a holiday time food. At least I do, I guess. Last night was our monthly Family Night at my brother’s house. He and his wife started this tradition when their son was a baby so he would really know his aunts, uncles and cousins as he grew up by having them as part of his life on a regular basis. We get together for dinner, once a month, and sometimes do crafts or play games, and last night was Gingerbread House Night! Marlene, my brother’s MIL, made the houses and ginger-people for us over the weekend, bless her heart! Marlene has been doing this with her daughters for 30+ years!

We had a LOT of fun decorating these!

Here is my sister’s house with her lovely family of four ready to go sledding!

and Robby and his Mommy’s house decorated with lots of YELLOW candy…(Yellow is KING in Robby’s world)…

This is my house, and Molly’s house from the back…love Molly’s pretzel fence!

I even learned some Gingerbread lore, like did you know it’s unlucky to have a closed door on your Gingerbread House? And every house should have a heart on it to ward off evil?

The newest addition to the family sat this one out, taking a snooze with his uncle on the sofa…

Robby gives the Tour of Homes to his Daddy at the end of the evening…

This was a great family activity, a little messy, but loads of fun! You might want to give it a try at one of your own family nights! Here’s a great recipe and tips to get you started… Or you could buy a kit… Or find a Gingerbread Angel like Marlene to make your houses for you!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Gingerbread Blessings to you and yours!