Really Random: the 3 R’s

The blog got very quiet when November arrived, did you notice?  November is the month I dread, because at work it is my most challenging and stress-inducing month, and incidentally, seems to be the  l o n g e s t.  At the end of the day I am fairly well spent, and have little time for sewing or socializing, much less blogging about any of it.  Today is the 15th, it’s half over.  Praise the Lord!

I’ve been doing some Pinterest cooking (you know, pinning recipes) and then making them by reading them on the iPad on the kitchen counter. Would you like to see what I’ve made and know how I rated it?

  • I made this Spaghetti with Creamy Butternut Leek Parmesan Sauce.  I’d give it 3 stars; delicious, but mine didn’t look anything like her’s, and the leftovers weren’t fabulous.  A recipe has to provide GREAT tasting leftovers to get 5 stars from me.
  • These I made and enjoyed for days following.  5 stars fabulous.
  • I’m a comfort food junky during times in my life, like “November”, and when the temps start to dip.  One of my faves from childhood?  Grilled cheese and tomato soup. This recipe got another 5 stars.  But sadly, I will never be hired as a food stylist…  Agreed?
  • Gina’s Filipino Adobo Pulled Pork in the slow cooker gets 4.5 stars.  Even my sweetie raved about this one (it’s not that he doesn’t like my cooking, it’s that I am more adventurous with “healthy eating” than he cares to be…) 😉
  • And he gave the No Sugar Sloppy Joe’s 5 stars, I gave them a 3.5 because I wasn’t crazy about the BBQ sauce I used.  Will try this again and tweak it, ’cause Kelly does write some great recipes, and I love the low-no sugar ideas she comes up with.

I also made pumpkin pie from scratch this weekend, as in, I baked two sugar pumpkins and everything.  Followed this recipe for the most part.  It was fabulous, at least 6 stars tasty.  It is, of course, long gone.

I have a bunch of pumpkin stuff pinned, that I am hoping to try next week.  Well, Pumpkin is one of my comfort foods, too, y’know.

Tomorrow I am heading to retreat.  I am over-the-moon THANKFUL for the vacation day from work and looking forward to hours and hours of sewing time…

Hoping to finish up this quilt top:

btw, go see Stephanie, she finished her Urban Nine Patch quilt top (those 3 awesome blocks on the left) — a  really cool quilt…

And go see Cindy, where I’m linking up today, for Really Random Thursday.

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Really Random; Gone to the Cats and Dogs

Blogtoberfest, Day 18

I’m linking up with Really Random Thursday with my friend Cindy, over here.

For those of you with “quilting” cats, do you have trouble with them wanting to always be “in” or “on” whatever fabric or sewing project you are currently working on?  My Maggy loves curling up inside bags, particularly one I am in the process of packing… I think I “removed” her from this bag three times before I got the rest of the rolled up quilts shoved in there…

Our tuxedo cat, Kato, goes where ever his humans go in the house, he likes human contact far more than most cats do, and his new favorite place is in my sweetie’s guitar case while the guitar is out of it, being played.  Added bonus: a cushy, soft place to curl up while sitting close to his favorite human.

We said goodbye to my Sweetie’s dog, Frances, three years ago; the day after her fifteenth birthday (a Husky, she lived to be 15!).  Now that we are looking to buy a new home and will be moving sometime in the next six months, we are considering getting a dog again (Maggy will NOT be pleased should this actually happen).  I’m not sure I’m up for puppy training, so maybe a rescue dog…  But, it’s hard to say no to the cuteness of a puppy face.  This is my sister’s new bulldog puppy, Peaches:

Seriously, how cute is that face?!?  Peaches is a nickname for Princess Peach (which is what you get when you let your four year old Mario Cart obsessed son name the family dog!)  We think it’s going to be fairly amusing to call her Peaches when she looks more like this:

Just because this has a bulldog image, I’m sharing this fun recipe from a book we picked up at an orchard gift shop (and it suggests it being served for Oktoberfest, so it’s timely, too!) for BEER Muffins (let me know if you decide to try the recipe–I have not!):

And, finally, I didn’t buy these, but saw them at a Vintage shop in the East Village (Des Moines, Iowa), they are “Damn-It Doris” postcards:

Apparently, “Doris” is the goat pictured…  I see very few things with my name on it.  Wouldn’t you know I’d have to find something like this. Reminds me of Tina the Llama in Napoleon Dynamite:

aye, aye, aye….

Happy blog reading,

Doris (the human, not the goat)