Snap Happy…

….or Snap Crazy? I made seven more of these cute little snap bags this week. Six of them are thank yous from my small group members to the small group that hosted us for our Picture Piecing workshop two weekends ago. We made coordinating tissue cozies, and filled these with goodies to thank them for the day of fun they gave us!
This fabric came from the stash of one of our group members, it has little bumble bees, spools of thread, and the words “Quilting Bees” all over it, from South Sea Imports, it’s a release from a few years ago…cute, huh?!I made a seventh one as a birthday gift for a certain little glamour girl I know. Adding a shoulder strap to it, it makes the perfect little purse size for a six year old.
I have a huge stash of LakeHouse brights, and this was a great project to use a few of them on…
And finally, I thought I would show you the free fabric I received this week. That’s right, free fabric! I won a $25.00 gift voucher from Bunte Fabrics, through True Up, for participating in the Favorite Fabrics of 2009 carnival. Yvonne at Bunte carries European imported fabrics, these are from Germany, one yard of each poplin design (57″ WIDE!), and are now in my sewing studio:That pink cherry print may even make it into a Valentine themed project this weekend at retreat… Yvonne’s service was amazingly fast, I ordered on Thursday afternoon and had these in my mailbox on Monday! Go visit her shop

And one last pic, I thought you might like to see my sewing companion. Her favorite spot to rest/sleep/hide/groom herself is between the two quilts that hang on this quilt rack in my sewing room. She probably spends 18-20 hours a day in that spot. The other night I walked in to get something, and she was peeking out the side. I had to snap a picture. It’s almost as if I caught her in the middle of something…. hmmmmm…. The log cabin quilt she is sitting under is one I bought at an auction about 5-6 years ago in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I don’t know anything about the maker or provenance, but it’s a lovely, soft, treasure. The one behind it is a pink and white drunkard’s path, also an auction purchase.


Gifts in a Snap!

I made several Snap Happy! bags for stocking stuffers and small Christmas gifts… The pattern makes three sizes, but gives instructions for making any size you want:

They are made using a piece of metal tape measure at the top, so the bag opens by pulling on the triangle tabs (prairie points) and snaps shut.
And, yes, that’s right, it uses pieces of a metal tape measure, like this:

I produced these assembly line style, and it did go rather quick.

And the options are endless for matching the likes/tastes/hobbies of your recipient, novelty fabrics are wonderful for these. I made several girl-y ones (I love that lingerie fabric!), a music oriented one, a sewing themed bag, and the matching set above that will go to my best friend soon!

I was the lucky recipient of a surprise handmade gift in the mail…from a “new in 2009” friend, who like me was striving to focus on the Advent season rather than the stressful holiday season, and thought I could use this token of her friendship to keep me focused.
It’s hanging proudly on my sewing room door, and it worked, it kept me focused on the reason for the season with every glance I took at it! The added bonus, I almost never receive handmade gifts myself, so this was a true treat!

Keep Christ in your heart, and have a very Happy New Year!