Monsters on Parade

I enjoy cruising Etsy, Flickr, craft sites and blogs to see all the creative projects that fellow crafters and sewists come up with.  Searching for Halloween faves has been a blast!!!  Here’s a Friday Round-Up of some of my favorite Monster plushies to add to the Halloween Horror around here…  Enjoy!

Corrine the Zombie by ArtOfMe, is creepy, but cool.  I think her face is free-motion quilted–nice touch!

Jack and Zack O’Lantern, also by ArtOfMe.  Double Trouble….
JunkerJane’s cast of creepy characters blows me away.  Here are her Duct Tape Monsters….
Elvina, the Girl Vampire….
and Monster Heinrich are a few of my freaky faves!  Check out her Flickr Photostream for more Monster Madness!
Humphrey the Monster by MinnieMiller, found in her etsy shop… He sort of reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are.  Do you see it?
And these Whimsical characters by Sassy Packrat Studios are freaky fun!  The Bride of Frankenstein could put Marge Simpson’s beehive to shame…  and what’s not to love in this face:

I know I won’t get any plush Monsters made for this Halloween, but these sort of inspire me to make some for Halloween 2011!

At the end of October, I will be giving away multiple prizes, including a quilted item, holiday fabric, patterns, etc.  The more posts you comment on in October the better your chances of winning something!  Let me know that you follow my blog and you have an even better chance!!!

Have you ever made a monster softie?  Or seen any great ones out there?  Let me know, I’d love to see ’em!