Dresses for Mama

I’ve made two of these sweet little wallhangings before, one lives at my friend Lisa’s house (she won in it our Guild auction!) and one lives in Australia. This one I finished up on Friday night, just in time to give to my Mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday…

It seems especially appropriate for her; my Mom grew up on an Iowa farm in the 40s and 50s, and she had three sisters. The first time I ever saw this quilt pattern , it made me think of my Mom and Grandma!

Raw-edge applique, a tiny stipple, and simple straight line quilting finished it off.
One more Spring to Finish complete! That makes SEVEN finishes so far! I’ve been sewing a little more too, but not much to show just yet…

Had a little time to get out and enjoy our chilly Spring this weekend (seriously, what happened to our warm weather? We went from 80 degrees to 34 degrees in two days!)

It hasn’t killed off all the May flowers…yet.

And these little robins seem to be well protected in their Mama’s nest, in the little spruce tree in my sister’s backyard.

But maybe just a tad bit hungry…

My two-year-old nephew is learning a lot about Mama birds, baby birds, and how important it is to not disturb the nest, from this Science lesson in his backyard.

Hope you are all seeing the signs of Spring in your corner of the world…



I was in need of some. I was in need of a kick in the pants to get myself moving on some projects already in progress, but not progressing to completion… Enter Jacquie. She’s once again providing the motivation by hosting a Spring to Finish Challenge. You decide on what constitutes a “finish”. You proclaim how many “finishes” you plan to achieve in the next six weeks. You decide what your “reward” will be for completing the challenge.

This is what I am setting out to do, a little ambitious, perhaps, but here it is:

1) Quilt & Bind B&W quilt
2) Quilt and bind dress-form mini quilt
3) Finish Valentine runner
4) Finish six Nearly Insane blocks that are cut
5) Bind Girlish Charm quilt
6) Finish Chrysanthemum quilt
7) Finish Birthday quilt top
8) Bind the Shining Star quilt
9) Finish Flying Geese runner
10) Finish Lisa’s medallion border
11) Finish Studio canvases
12) Finish vintage sewing machine table
13) C’s baby quilt
14) Finish new shower curtain
15) Make 10.5″ 30s Block for Karen
16) Clean out closets 1, 2, and 3 (Ugh. My least favorite item on the list)
17) Store Sample-batik jacket

I haven’t decided how I will reward myself. Maybe a new book. Or two.

Spring has Sprung!

It was just a few short weeks ago that I was still belly-aching about the elusiveness of Spring in Iowa this year….well….it seems it finally decided to make an appearance! I got so excited by our one warm day last week, that I stopped on my way into the store on a milk call, and ended up picking up a dozen or so plants! They sat on my porch in flats for a few days, but I finally found the time to get them into containers Wednesday night.
Three varieties if sweet potato vine, two varieties of vinca vine, two colors of petunias, a gerber daisy, and a few bacopa plants. This next week will be my selection and planting of veggie plants! Who says you can’t garden when you live in an apartment?! I used this book which is full of great tips for low-maintenance gardening in large or small formats, containers or in the ground. I’d highly recommend any of Patricia Lanza’s gardening books.

The awesome “chair” planter came from a craftsman/artisan in Kentucky. I purchased it when I traveled through there in 2005, and hauled it back to Iowa in the hatchback of my VW Beetle along with all my other luggage and treasures. It’s a good thing I was travelling alone! I don’t have the maker’s name any longer–but I LOVE this piece!

Happy gardening, and Happy Spring!