Monsters on Parade

I enjoy cruising Etsy, Flickr, craft sites and blogs to see all the creative projects that fellow crafters and sewists come up with.  Searching for Halloween faves has been a blast!!!  Here’s a Friday Round-Up of some of my favorite Monster plushies to add to the Halloween Horror around here…  Enjoy!

Corrine the Zombie by ArtOfMe, is creepy, but cool.  I think her face is free-motion quilted–nice touch!

Jack and Zack O’Lantern, also by ArtOfMe.  Double Trouble….
JunkerJane’s cast of creepy characters blows me away.  Here are her Duct Tape Monsters….
Elvina, the Girl Vampire….
and Monster Heinrich are a few of my freaky faves!  Check out her Flickr Photostream for more Monster Madness!
Humphrey the Monster by MinnieMiller, found in her etsy shop… He sort of reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are.  Do you see it?
And these Whimsical characters by Sassy Packrat Studios are freaky fun!  The Bride of Frankenstein could put Marge Simpson’s beehive to shame…  and what’s not to love in this face:

I know I won’t get any plush Monsters made for this Halloween, but these sort of inspire me to make some for Halloween 2011!

At the end of October, I will be giving away multiple prizes, including a quilted item, holiday fabric, patterns, etc.  The more posts you comment on in October the better your chances of winning something!  Let me know that you follow my blog and you have an even better chance!!!

Have you ever made a monster softie?  Or seen any great ones out there?  Let me know, I’d love to see ’em!


Wedding Dress Remake

Well, bridesmaid dress, really, but that’s a “wedding dress”, right? This is the dress I wore in May 2000, as Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding:

The photos are terrible, we’ve had so much rain lately I’ve had a hard time taking nicely lit photos. Anyway…the color is a very pretty deep eggplant (not really purple, not really wine-colored, truly eggplant). An empire-style bodice and waist with a very flowy, A-line, georgette fabric skirt. Not something you would ever wear again, but we all remember them as being incredibly comfortable and fun to dance in that evening! And here is the back…plain except for a tiny bow at the zipper with long streamers hanging down.

I’ve thought many times over the past nine-years that I should donate it to one of those “prom-dresses-for-inner-city-kids” programs, or something like that, but I had an idea in the back of my mind, should they ever have a daughter….that kept me from giving it away.

Well, they did have a little girl, I blogged about her and her quilt last July. She came into the world two years ago today. This is her birthday present that I will be giving her at her party on Sunday: (You can click on my photos to enlarge them and see details better!)

This dress is a size 2T, styled much the same way as the grown-up version, including the same bodice fabric, the same lining fabric and the same skirt fabric. Even the same little bow has been transferred to the same spot on her dress.

The sleeves are a little diffrent, made from two overlapping leaf-shaped pieces, fully-lined, with a slight gather at the shoulder. I think she’ll have fun twirling around in this pretty party dress!

But, that’s not all I made. We all know kids don’t get excited about receiving clothing as presents, so I made her a kitty doll, with a dress that matches hers just perfectly:

I started with the Cat Doll pattern in the current issue of Stitch, but I actually ended up using very little of the original pattern. I changed almost everything. I know, so typical of me, huh?!

Including just using straight legs and feet, and adding a sweet pair of black Mary Janes, complete with white button closure…(and don’t you just love her striped stockings?!)

Giving the kitty a swishing, curved tail, ’cause no kitty I’ve ever met had a straight tail…

Changing the face, the shape of the head, and of course, giving her a dress that is separate from her body. She is about 18″ tall, and I need to give her a name I think, before I gift her to Addison. Anyone got any suggestions for a name that would work well with her new mom, Addison’s, name?

Rocket Man

(Serioiusly, I cannot say that phrase without saying it Elton John style in my head!)

WHEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW. That is the long breath I am letting out ’cause I finally get to show you these! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to make stuff and NOT show pictures of them for like three or four weeks, because it might ruin the surprise?! Okay, if you are a blogger, and especially a crafty blogger, and I know many of you are, you do have an idea because, hello, you’ve been doing the same thing this month!

Anyhoo, I saw this pattern (FREE PATTERN) on sometime this fall, and immediately went to Spool and snapped up the last two packages of their Rocket Man fabric packs to make these Christmas gifts for my nephews (1 and 3 years old). I finished these before Thanksgiving, and I’ve stayed mum about them ever since, even though I was dying to show pictures and dying to gift them! It’s a good thing we had our family Christmas early!

The first photo up at the top of the posts shows the fussy cut rockets on the rear side of each Rocket. The second photo shows the circle “window” I added with a likeness of Samuel and Robby in their rocket. It’s a simple raw-edge applique against a silver silk circle, with a circle of heavy plastic over it, and satin-stitched around the edge for stability.

This fabric is perfect, it has stars, moons, rockets, comets…I fussy cut a star for the bottom of each rocket. And here is a close-up of the fabric Samuel…

Parrots, swords and skulls–oh my!

That’s right, it’s getting close to Halloween and creepy characters start to rear their *not-so-pretty* heads. It’s also the month of my little pal Brennan’s birthday, he turned 4 last week. He has a very vivid imagination, and is currently obsessed with all things Pirate. His party is this coming Saturday, and it is, of course, a pirate themed party. He has had a collection of gold and silver coins, or treasure, for quite some time. They get buried and dug up from the sandbox several times each month. I played “pirate ship” with him early in the summer and we had to carry our treasure in a Glad-ware container. Not very pirate-y. So, I thought, he needed a treasure chest. I bought this unfinished one at Michael’s and I got to work:
The sketches on it are mine, it was pretty much a blank slate. Here is the finished product I gifted to him last night, along with a pirate hat, flannel eye patch, some new pirate coins, a few tattoos, and a 3×5 pirate flag that my sweetie found at Menard’s, that Brennan’s parents will be proudly flying this weekend!Near the clasp is his initials with a skull and crossbones insignia. On one end is his very own pirate, and on the other, silver and gold crossed swords. Yes, I free-handed the drawings/paintings on it, that B.F.A. degree comes in handy once in a while! It’s lined with pirate flag fabric, applied with Mod Podge.
His reaction was worth all the effort, time and expense (although, that was quite minimal). He had to find a special place to “hide” (store) his “very special treasure chest”, his words, :-> !! The “real” pirate flag was a huge hit, too! It’s easy to impress someone who is four, no matter how worldly and brilliant he is!

A touch of autumn from my window sill:
Mum’s I trimmed to bring inside for some color…don’t you just love the reflections from those glass jars?
and from my brother-in-law’s garden:
Oh, and one more lovely Autumn sight:That’s right, folks, gas dipped below $3.00/gallon on Sunday. Oh happy day! Another reason for you to come here, for this….!

Happy Autumn…Happy October….and Happy Halloween!!!!!

Ahoy, Matey’s!

AARGGG! You’ve wandered into pirate territory, matey! Prepare to walk the plank!

I’ve been helping my best friend prepare invitations and decoartions for her little guys upcoming 4th birthday. Guess what theme he chose?

These are the invites we made last weekend, crumpled and distressed with love to make them look like old treasure maps…
He and his little sister were watching us make these, and he asked us, after about five minutes, why we were crumpling them up in a ball like trash. We explained what we were doing and showed him how cool the finished product was, and he was not impressed. He said, “it hurts my feelings when you make my invitations bumpy.” Serious. Bumpy invites=hurt feelings. He conceded after he saw the final product being removed from the envelope and unfolded that it was kinda cool. No more hurt feelings.

I’ve been working on some gifts for him that will be delivered early so he can use them as decoration and costume on the big day.

Here is the treasure chest I started the other night, with a parrot I sketched and his initials under the lock…
The inside is bare wood, but will be covered with the fabric it is sitting on in the photos when finished. And, of course, filled with Pirate Booty! (You know, treasure…)
More piratey goodness to come…

The vintage linens, hankies, fabric and patterns are almost all posted for sale in the store…check it out here. The rest will be posted very soon…

This is…

…a gift someone made for me that I love:

My Grandpa made this cradle for me and my dollies almost forty years ago. Grandma made the striped mattress, pillow and pillowcase with embroidered edging on it to complete the gift. The doll and stuffed Humpty Dumpty that now reside there are a few toys I still have from my childhood.

This is one of the boards that supports the mattress. There are doodles of Grandpa’s in ball point pen on the bottom of each, as well as his inscription to me. He drew these characters on everything. I think they might be from Fibber McGee & Molly, his favorite radio entertainment.

This is probably my most prized possession. It has traveled with me from home to home, apartment to house. It’s something I would definitely grab if I had to flee the house in a fire!

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