Weekend Bliss

It’s Tuesday morning and I am still mourning the loss of my weekend. It was relaxing, fun, cozy, quiet, and, did I mention, WAY too short? Saturday I spent a few hours with my two favorite toddlers while their parents went to an income tax appointment.
A person could study the laws of perpetual motion with these two…wore me out, but we had a grand time…. I also did a little sewing, but I can’t show it to you because she reads my blog on occasion. Sunday I recovered from Auntie/babysitting duty by relaxing with my sweetie in front of a cozy warm fire, with the Sunday newspaper,

and a couple of furry friends.

Sunday night we went out for an amazingly tasty Valentine’s dinner, and I had the best martini I’ve ever tasted in my life. Sweetie brought me these earlier in the weekend…

Lovely, but I’m not spending enough time at home this week to fully enjoy them! Is tomorrow Friday? please….can we just call it the weekend again…?


Creative Clips #6

This week I managed to get in a little sewing, I finished appliqueing the heart blocks…

Obviously, this quilt will have to be finished for St. Valentine’s Day 2010…

Sketched some ideas for setting them, and formulated a final plan in my mind…

Made this fun little Valentine for my Valentine…(not an original idea, I saw it on Craftzine, first)

It’s filled with some sweet sentiments, some funny things, and an inside joke or two…

It was a lot of fun to make, cost less than $5 and was so appreciated! It has a special place of honor on the nightstand next to his pillow.

We exchanged our handmade gifts on Friday the 13th, and my sweetie and I went to dinner at Django

Named after an idol of his…and offering up possibly the best french cooking I’ve ever had! (and that is saying something, since I actually spent a long weekend in Paris once!) The restaurant had French posters (advertisements and graphic design posters) throughout as artwork on the walls. I would have liked to shoot a pic of them all…but not wanting to annoy the patrons seated below them, I resisted. I did snap this one in the hallway to the water closet…

Less artistic than the others…but CHECK OUT THAT DRESS! The dress alone would have sold me on the new Frigidaire!

Creative Clips, Week 3

There were no “creative clips” for Week 2…sadly, I didn’t have time to do anything creative last week. But this week I was able to make this block for the Project Improv Charity Quilts:

I rather like the wonky log cabin style of this block.

I got a chance to work on a few UFQs, getting some Valentine projects started…

Some heart blocks…

Some festive pillowcases….

This calligraphic fabric is called “darling” by Alexander Henry, the pink and red dot is a Jane Sassaman design for Freespirit, and the red one is also an Alexander Henry.

Ain’t it cute?!?

Have a great weekend friends!

p.s. If you asked for the Winter Wonderland table runner pattern, I hope to get it sent out this next week. I didn’t forget about you!

Happy Holidays: A few more UFQ’s…

Well, USP’s really (unstarted projects). I always have grand plans to make holiday quilts, that usually end up getting completed a few Halloweens or a few Christmases past the intended one. Like this almost finished 4th of July project. I did finish this Halloween quilt last year, about three years after I intended to start it, and it was on the wall before October 31, 2007.

Some of it is an original border design, some of it is taken from a 2002 (I think?) Love of Quilting magazine cover quilt.

My USP’s involve Christmas and Valentine quilts (some for myself, some for gifts) that were intended to be done for this past December and February. Here are my Valentine quilts/projects:

That’s right, it is a fabric collection. Not a quilt in there, only a quilt waiting to be created. But isn’t it yummy?

I even have rick-rack and variegated thread to complete the projects:

And then there is my Christmas Quilt(s):

A week or so ago I discovered the wonderful new fabric line Secret Santa from Benartex, which goes extremely well with these…so maybe my procrastination was a blessing…?

The Liberty Garden Quilt is very near completion…photos to follow soon!