Jack Frost Stopped By

I complain about Winter weather (often)…but I openly admit that I missed the four seasons when I lived in South Carolina. Three years without all four seasons was enough for me. And for all the complaints I utter, I have to admit, Winter does have its charms, and certainly, a beauty beyond anything else. I snapped these photos on Tuesday morning, following a visit from Jack Frost the night before…
It was like Des Moines was covered in crystals…
These berries took my breath away…
Unfortunately, this is what they look like today, most of Iowa is covered in 1/2 inch or more of ice… It is still beautiful, but many trees don’t survive the weight of the ice, and many people go without power because the ice takes down the utility/power lines. Safety is a major concern following an ice storm, in more ways than one.

I am always humbled by the beauty of what Nature can create.

Just a sneak peek at what I’m creating this week (notice the Spring colors and theme?!?)…
May you be safe and warm in your corner of the world, and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Nature around you.

I want to ride my bicycle….Bi-cycle!

Is what I bought last night.

Unfortunately, this….
Is the view from my front porch this morning.


I guess we will be exercising indoors for a few more….months.