Happy Birthday and an onging UFP

Today is my “little” brother’s birthday–that’s him in the photo on the right looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. It’s not that uncommon, I still get that look. He’s just 51 weeks younger than me, we’re in the middle of three of other siblings, but we’ve always been close and I treasure the memories of us giggling ourselves silly, making up “code” words, riding bikes together, and having a “built-in” friend at home growing up. So Happy Birthday “Teddy”–I hope it is a GREAT one!

UFP #5, Ongoing: Free-motion Quilting

Ugh. I so want to be able to do this and be good at it. I know it takes practice, but so far it’s just been a source of frustration for me. Somewhere around the same time that I started UFQ #4 (2000/2001) I signed up to take a freemotion quilting class. My machine at the time was a cheap White, and I spent most of the class time fighting with my machine. This is the result of what I accomplsihed that day:
I wasn’t real motivated to jump back in and practice at home, so I never improved. Earlier this year, in April, I signed up to take Freemotion #1 at the Quilter’s Cupboard. I really enjoyed the class, but my plan of practicing 30 minutes a day until I had it licked fell through after day 2. I don’t have any photos of what I accomplished this spring in class, but it isn’t much improved beyond this from 2001:
I wasn’t able to attend Freemotion #2 class in May, but I want to when it comes up again, so I need to get practicing. That is a major goal for me, to turn this UFP into a conquered accomplishment! Hopefully my Pfaff doesn’t get beaten to a pulp (by me!) in the process!

Anyone have any great tips for mastering freemotion?!?


One thought on “Happy Birthday and an onging UFP

  1. I think the only tip is….drink champagne (or any other drink of choice) before embarking an free motion quilting …oh and practice a whole lot….!! I don’t usually drink – this tip was given to me by a girlfriend…but she swears by it!!!……and one could be talked in to a tipple if the free motion quilting looks as good as hers does….but that could also be the practice….btw your cupcake surprise probably wont be machine quilted….my Pfaff is still in for it’s “service” after almost three weeks…there has been some damage to the bearings in the motor…what after only ten years of sewing and no service…*bad*..(me not the machine!)….in the meantime I have the loan of a friend’s machine …..phew!!

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