I love a fresh start. Y’all know I believe in resolutions, I make them, I take them seriously, and I try my best to keep them. In 2008, I made four big resolutions, and kept 2.5 of them up to the present day. The 1.5 I didn’t keep, I made great strides on and improved in some way as a result. This January is full of fresh starts. Yesterday was a great day in America, full of hope and optimism. How long can the momentum last? Whose to say. But considering the complacency and animosity of Americans over the past decade or so, in comparision to the optimism, joy and hope of this week, and this month…we’ve come a long way. But since this is not a political blog, and I would be found out as a phony pretty quickly if I tried to pretend it was…I’ll leave it at that.

Last week I took down the Christmas decorations. It’s always a little bleak in the house after the tree and sparklies go away, isn’t it? I just couldn’t bear to see it all go back to the basement. So, I redecorated the little tree, a 3.5′ artificial, with all of my snowman ornaments.

It seemed fitting, since Des Moines has been seeing snowfall and accumulation about every other day this winter. I love this guy here:

He has wings made of feathers, and the sweetest little carrot nose! My snowman tree goes well with the snowman wallhanging my Mom made for me eleven or twelve years ago, and sent to me when I was living on the East Coast. I’ve always loved snowmen, and I was collecting angel ornaments for my tree at the time. And snowman angels? Even better!

I love the guy with the plaid coat on…it’s made from a scrap of plaid fabric from one of Dad’s shirts. My Dad passed away January 1998, not too long after this quilt was made. Mom made all of Dad’s shirts, and they were always plaid, short-sleeve, button down shirts. This little snowman reminds me of my Dad every time I look at him.

I have to show you where Maggy spent the afternoon while I was packing up ornaments, garland, and baubles:

I took this wreath off the door and set it on the floor while I was getting boxes out and organized. She settled right in, and even took a nap there while I was busy working away.

Isn’t that what it was made for?


5 thoughts on “January

  1. I loved having the house look a little bare after putting away the Christmas decorations, but we also kept up our snowman decorations since it’s still winter. Love the plaid coat too, especially for what it reminds you of. Our cats do that too with decorations or anything on the floor! Silly cat!

  2. I have so many snowmen, that they have to be put out in January. Especially the Iowa State one! 40 degrees tomorrow – bet we’ll see someone in shorts!Stay warm.

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