Ollie the Owl

I met my friend Toni in June 2004. We became fast friends, and it wasn’t too long after we met that we realized we both have a passion for quilting. And vintage stuff. And feedsacks. And fabric. And shopping for all of the above. And she also has a thing for owls. Owl graphics, owl knick-knacks, live owls, she even has an owl house on a tree behind her home! I gave her some owl stuff for Christmas along with some other gifts, and she loved the owl items! When I first saw Amy Schimler’s Forest Fun fabric, I knew I had to make something for Toni. (Toni is the friend I made all of these with.)

Then, I came across this great free pattern on the Robert Kaufman website:

Aren’t they adorable? The pattern is called “On a Whim”, also designed by Amy. And that cute round pillow is included in the pattern. So…this weekend, I made this pillow as a fun little birthday gift for my quilting pal, Toni…

Meet Oliver. Ollie for short.

Happy Belated Birthday, Toni!


4 thoughts on “Ollie the Owl

  1. Cute owls! I love 'em. You are a great friend to make these gifts. I love that round pillow too. I have some of those fabrics – the one with the leaves, which I made into napkins. What a fun project!

  2. Everett put his owl pj's on the night you gave this to me and had to take Ollie downstairs to “lay my head on it” while he watched a little TV – it was pretty cute! Ollie now has a prominent place in my quilting room!

  3. What adorable owls – you're so clever. I'm rather partial to owls myself (not a hint for the swap, by the way!) Love the dress in the previous post, too.

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