Motorbikes and Meadowsweet

I thought I’d show you a snippet of what I’m working on this week… A draft for a new art quilt, that I’m actually helping a friend create of her husband’s bike from the 1970s…I have the drawing ability, she claims not to, even though she is an amazing long arm quilter. If she can create lovely custom quilt designs (and she can!), I’m sure she can draw! We are trying to create it in the style of this one….from a 2009 Love of Quilting issue:
Unfortunately, all I have to go by are these fuzzy (small) photos from 1971-2, which don’t include a true straight-on profile shot:This is what I finished Wednesday evening, and sent home with her to the hubby who once owned the bike to edit/approve:Then last night, I got busy choosing fabrics for a new quilt:
Love the new Meadowsweet collection by one of my fave designers, Sandi Henderson…
Can’t wait to cut into this one!


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