Happiness, received.


In July, at our annual Gruber’s Retreat, we decided to draw names for a “happy” swap amongst the 8 of us (Stephanie reminded me yesterday that it came about because of a challenge for herself; having never been in a swap) A “happy” is a little gift for no reason other than to spread joy to the recipient, as taught to us by the Harper sisters.  I believe I was the first to receive a happy, and I have no doubt I was the last to send out a happy–it’s been a rough two and half months at Chez Brunnette.

Mary sent me this wonderful little ball clasp coin purse, made from EPP hexagons in Denyse Schmidt fabrics (i lurvvve it!), and she included the sweetest Snapfish printed notecard with an image of a Denyse Schmidt quilt she made that appears in her blog header (this may have to be framed for my sewing room wall!)  btw, I adore Mary’s blog header.  Just sayin’.

I believe the prints are all from the Hope Valley collection, and what makes it even sweeter is remembering her sewing up this quilt with the same collection at last year’s retreat!

I have many of these clasp purses pinned in Pinterest, because I’ve wanted to make one ever since the first one I saw pop up on flickr.  It takes me ages to hop on a bandwagon officially by actually making or doing something, so Mary saved me the trouble, and for once, I’m trendy! Ha!

Thank you, thank you, Mary–I thought it too pretty to dirty up with money, but as of today I am now using it as my coin purse.  Real coins and all.


5 thoughts on “Happiness, received.

  1. Oh, lucky you: that coin purse is beautiful! šŸ™‚ And so is the quilt/postcard. I’m always EPPing and that quilt/postcard is on my list of things to make one day. Of course, all this EPPing is going to take the rest of my days, so … lol

  2. Wow!! Love your coin purse!! Mary sure knows how to make a person happy šŸ˜‰ I’m not familiar with the Hope Valley collection, but it sure is beautiful! Hugs!!

  3. What a fun gift! Love those hexies with the Hope Valley fabric. I remember Mary working on the other Hope Valley quilt project at the retreat too. This may get me to actually cut into my Hope Valley fabric finally.

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