I have it Sew Together (yeah, right)

Social media drives trends in every area nowadays, including sewing and crafting. Remember when everyone was making Swoon quilts and Granny Square quilts (in 2012)? I tend to avoid projects when everyone else is making them–sometimes, I get around to making them eventually a few years behind everyone else (I’m starting my first Swoon quilt next week!).

Such is the case with my Sew Together bag. I bought the pattern and the fabric after watching Terri, Stephanie and Cindy make theirs together at retreat last summer. I didn’t get around to making it until November, when my friend Jill taught a class on it at a local quilt shop. (Note: Doris dislikes reading patterns. If you take a class, you don’t have to read the pattern!)

Fun to make and really, not as complicated as you might think. My sewing themed fabrics and pretty colored zippers:FabricsZippersThe zippers are done:

SewTogether1Sides attached (note the cute little tag, added from some printed twill tape I bought a few years ago):

SewTogether3My finished bag:

SewTogether4And the bags we all completed in class:

SewTogetherAllMost people I know that have made this bag have made more than one. There was one available in our MQG holiday swap this year (filled with chocolate no less) it was a coveted gift! They do make great gifts, good for stashing makeup, sewing notions, drawing tools, etc. You can get the pattern here. How SewDemented ever came up with this, I have no idea… but I’m glad she did! Elizabeth came up with a worksheet for downsizing it into a smaller bag. Smart, and she did so without “giving away” the pattern. I haven’t tried the smaller version yet, but I plan to!

Have you made a Sew Together bag yet?



6 thoughts on “I have it Sew Together (yeah, right)

  1. I am enjoying your “catch up” posts.
    I have not made one – I am even more behind than you. But I do the same thing with clothes. By the time I get something new, it is going out of style. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link to your post about the mini. I’ve made several Sew Together bags (but like you, I waited a bit), then made lots more of the minis. They just seem to go together faster. Have you used the Quilt Barn tutorial for the Sew Together? It’s the only way.

    That bag of yours is sure cute. I love the sewing -themed fabric! Excellent!

  3. Doris, I’m another one who is always a “late adopter”. These popular projects always seem to come along when I’m already overloaded, and I feel too much pressure to join in. It’s so much more relaxing to do it in my own time. Later. Sometimes much later. I absolutely love the fresh, happy colours and fabrics you’ve used in your Sew Together bag! Well done! I did have this one on my bucket list, but was saved when my swap partner made a beauty for me as an “extra” for the IG Mini Quilt Swap last year. Lucky me 🙂

  4. Yes. I made one. No more. Good that you made yours in a class. I read instructions… and tore my hair out trying to follow them. Not very well written. Like you not joining in on trends, I doubt I’ll be making another Sew Together bag.

    • It’s true, Cindy–my friends here find it hilarious that I write patterns! It actually pains me to read and follow a pattern… I always want to change somethin’ up!

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