Where is Spring?

I just walked back from a meeting (a distance of about three city blocks) and I just about froze my tush off. Is it, or is it not, allegedly the fifth full day of Spring today? Where the @*%!& is it? It’s been a long, cold, snowy, icy–did I mention long?–Iowa winter and I for one am ready for Spring. The snow finally went away lasy week, but the cold and wind lingers, and the truckloads of sand linger on the roads and sidewalks, so not much green seems to be peeking through. I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

This is a springy quilt I made in 2006, when I was working for Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting Magazine. My “Vanna” is my friend’s cat, Kato. He’s a big helper, as is my kitty, Maggy. Here is a close-up of the pattern, it’s made entirely from Moda’s “Poetry” by April Cornell collection, even the back is from that collection. It was quilted by LuAnn Downs from St. Charles, Iowa. She also quilted Liz Porter’s original quilt, below, that appeared on the cover of the magazine that summer.This is Liz’s original, it also appeared on the TV show, Episode 801. It is a beautiful pattern, there are size charts for it available on the Fons and Porter website. Perfect for large floral prints, and super easy to assemble!

Excuse me, Maggy?…is it my turn yet?