Another sewing and working weekend…

I worked Saturday and Sunday at the Quilt Junction, and I got my wallet purse store sample made. The pattern is by Favorite Things. There are pockets galore! Here is the zipper pocket under the front flap…
There are back and front pockets, the zipper pocket, inside back and front pockets…and the clincher…the accordian style credit card holders on the inside:
When I make this again, I’ll probably put in less credit card holders, because they add a lot of bulk, and at one point, I had to sew through 28 layers of fabric. Okay for the machine I was using at the shop, but I have a feeling my machine would seriously balk at 28 layers of fabric!


4 thoughts on “Another sewing and working weekend…

  1. Hi Doris!Your blog is terrific! Thanks for finally sending my a link to it….and YES!!!!….I still need a stitcher from Iowa for CYBER FYBER! Please trade with me and represent your entire state!SusanPS I wish I’d been with you the other week getting all that wonderful vintage fabric and patterns. Your work is incredibly beautiful! Isn’t it funny that when we worked together neither one of was really doing much of any textile work and likely had never heard of a blog!

  2. Hi!Thanks so very, very much for trading. I’ve got your selections ready to go….but, for some reason, I don’t have your mailing address. It is probably in some file somewhere on the computer….but I can’t seem to find it. Please drop me an email with this information so I can drop the envelope in the mail box! Oh, I edited the entries for both the ATC and the postcard to reflect our trade and with a link to this great blog!Susan

  3. Doris – I am in awe!! that bag is awesome…I probably would have left out all the pockets had I been making it! LOL…..just found your blog thru the cupcake swap and will be an avid reader…..

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