Monday Mile Marker #3

CRAFTY, CREATIVE & FIT: The fitness goals I’ve set for myself are starting to take hold, healthier eating, smaller portions, more activity… I’m looking forward to exercising again, and even though I don’t think there have been any pounds lost, I am focusing on the fact that I feel better. This weeks miles: 9.75 (exercise only, I’m not counting everyday walking and calorie burning).

At my retreat last month, I made a project that I mentioned I didn’t want to show until it had been gifted…well it has…so here it is:

After making my brother an apron in July for his birthday, we decided his 3-year old son needed one for when they cook together. No, the 3-year old doesn’t read my blog, but his mom does, and I did not want her to see it here first! I found this cool construction truck themed fabric and made it reversible with this yellow flecked fabric:

Here’s the little sweetie modeling it…

Hamming it up for the camera…

and reading to his cousin….


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