Vintage View: Nine Patch

Here are two more treasures, from this bunch of vintage quilts. This is a very sharp looking nine-patch, all blues and indigos against a tan ground.
As you can see, there are some un-salvageable blocks on this one, just like the first two I showed. It is meticulously hand quilted, probably a twin size, or large lap quilt size, originally. I think I could probably salvage at least a crib size quilt out of it…
This one is merely a scrap of what was once a larger, probably full bed size quilt. It’s pretty scrappy, except that the sashing and cornerstones are all the same (and in remarkably great shape )Somebody apparently just chopped it in half at some point, maybe it was bought as a “cutter” and used for crafts. I may get some pillows out of the blocks, and repurpose the sashing and cornerstone fabrics. Even though it’s already chopped up, it still hurts me when I cut into these! How do y’all feel about using quilts as cutter quilts?


3 thoughts on “Vintage View: Nine Patch

  1. I have never cut into a quilt to use as a “cutter” quilt…not sure that I could….depends on the state of the original quilt…and if it has any special significance – say a family quilt….I have an old “wagga” that my grandmother made and I salvaged it from Dad’s shed where he had it covering up a machine on his work bench!!…it is made with fabric squares stitched on to one side of the front of a woolen coat….it was made during the 30’s I think…there are some pieces of fabric that have worn away but I wouldn’t try and replace them…it is very special to me as I don’t have many things that Grandma made….she did beautiful crochet work as well….!

  2. you know i’ve cut into quilts…i love making something useful or salvaging old quilts in some way. i hate to seem them not being taken care of. i agree with lorraine though…if it had family ties or special significance to me it would be harder to cut.

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