I Adore Autumn

I have been trying to walk more this month, and get out and enjoy the season…my favorite…and all too short. Our neighboring Nebraska saw snowfall this week! EEEK! Sunday, my sweetie and I went for a long walk on a greenbelt trail. It was a gorgeous day, and a great way to spend an afternoon.
If only every day could be so filled with enthusiasm and joy! I love that shot above—soft shades of green, the leaves just beginning to change, dappled sunlight…yum! My camera shy walking companion….
And…I have a new blog design! How do you like my new look?

Even more exciting, I have a new nephew, born just before midnight on Thursday…will post photos soon!


8 thoughts on “I Adore Autumn

  1. I like the new look! Also, I love the greenbelt, don’t you? It’s fabulous, especially this time of year. We actually back right up to it, so I can enjoy the colors from my kitchen… one more reason I love living where I do! 🙂

  2. Very cool design! I did like your giraffe though, especially since I saw you making it!This is our last weekend camping – and my favorite time of year to camp!

  3. Thank you…thank you…thank you. The wonderful bag from the Giveaway arrived safely and I love it all! The fabrics(especially the spider one) are terrific as well as the book. The bag will come in so handy as it is DARLING and green IS my favorite color. I am really going to have fun with it. I am so excited that I won.I am an Iowa transplant myself. I really enjoyed the photos of the quilt trip. I will have to check it out next time we drive through Des Moines on our way back. I can’t imagine why my cousin in West Des Moines has never told me about this great find!!!! Hmmmm.The details in that tree and leaf quilt are amazing. I, too, love that selvage quilt. I may have to start saving mine. Oh no, I see another box in the sewing room already! lol

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