Miranda Squared

When I listed my UFOs last year, two of them included handbags made from Lazy Girl’s Miranda Day Bag pattern. I inished them both, and showed them to the world here. And here. This is the one I made for myself.
It gets a lot of attention, and I’ve been asked by many people to make a bag for them after seeing this one. I made one as a store sample for the shop I worked at part-time:
It turned out really cute and is made from In the Beginning fabrics. I even had the chance to practice my stipple quilting on it…
And my Mom picked out fabric for a bag of her own…
The Moda fabric that makes up the main part of this bag was her inspiration, it is not my style, but I had fun quilting the design (sorry, no good photos of the quilting but it follows the clamshell shape and the paisley pattern).
This is a great bag pattern, it also comes in a Mini-Miranda size. I make mine “mini” by just reducing the pattern as I go. So of the four that I’ve made, each is slightly different in size and shape ’cause I make it up as I go. I could probably make these blindfolded by now. But I suppose using the rotary cutter blindfolded might be a little dangerous…


5 thoughts on “Miranda Squared

  1. Every one of the bags is lovely. I'm probably the only one in this area who hasn't made a bag for herself yet. When I see all of these, that's just another push for me to get going. I think it's time to jump!

  2. I've got a pattern like that – have made about a dozen bags, and each one has a different “feel” to it. Now if only I'd keep one for myself!

    Great work!

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