All Hallow’s Eve…

It’s no secret I love Halloween… love the decorations, love the color combinations, love the fabrics…

Yet, I lament for the Halloween’s of my childhood, trick-or-treating door to door with just my siblings and some neighbor kids, unaccompanied by an adult, roaming the dark streets (because, yes, it was after dark, not over before nightfall like it is most places these days, and yes, it was safe for kids to run around outside after dark in the 1970s). It makes me sad that some kids today only know trick-or-treating as going to planned events, or shopping malls, and having to go to only the homes of people you know, often by car (where’s the fun in that?! It was always an extra adventure to knock on the door of the creepy neighbor’s house, as a thrill, an adventure, a dare…) Also, I don’t live in a new sub-division neighborhood, where people in the Midwest tend to drive there kids to trick-or-treat in a “safe” neighborhood, so I don’t even get the thrill of passing out candy as an adult and seeing the creative costumes. I’m not dressing up this year, nor have I dressed up in the past several years…but I’d gladly attend a grown-up Halloween party if invited. Instead, this year I will be attending the AQS show in Des Moines on Halloween, and working extra hours at the shop. I will however, be donning my newest Halloween shirt, one I made with a Baby Lock Ellisimo embroidery sewing machine (not mine!), a few scraps of fabric, and a borrowed Bejeweler
We made these at the shop one evening last week, after we closed up. They were made from this Lunch Box Design pattern. Can’t wait to wear it this weekend!I’ve also carved five jack-o-lanterns so far…three that I did with my nephew, and these two, that my sweetie and I made Sunday evening:Complete with curious black cat in the background!

Happy Haunting!


4 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Eve…

  1. Gotta love the black cat in that photo! I have similar memories of Halloween too. I still love Halloween, but I wonder if it's the same, or as much fun, as we had. Your new shirt is fabulous! Love that hat! I might dress up as a witch this year to greet the trick-or-treaters.

  2. Yes, we used to have so much fun with our “gang” going door to door. Our little trick or treaters are getting fewer and fewer each year. I actually think the kids love going to the malls or “trunk or treating” because they can get a mass of candy quickly.

    Love the shirt and Halloween decorations.

  3. I love your jack o'lanterns. Do kids today even know that they are called that? We used to go out, and bring home a bag full of candy (big nickel bars of Hershey's and others) and then go out again, until we were just exhausted. This was in the 60s. No one worried about anyone. What a loss for the kids of today!

  4. Thanks for the memories! That's a very cute T. And have a blast at the quilt show and even the extra hours at the shop. I'm sure it will be “never a dull moment.” Enjoy!

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