Vintage View #6: Aggie’s Bow Tie

Those of you who have read my blog for a while might remember the Vintage View posts I was doing last Spring of various vintage quilts, mostly in my collection. But it’s been a while, I don’t think I’ve posted one since April.

This one is special , it belongs to my Mom, and was made by her Aunt Aggie, probably in the mid-to-late 1940s. Aggie was my Grandpa’s older sister. She had a lame foot, I believe from childhood polio. She never married or had a family of her own. Her last decade or so of life, she lived in my grandparents farmhouse with them. I was still a child when she passed away, but I remember her as a constant fixture at our family gatherings, cooking with Grandma in the kitchen, always in a handmade calico or feedsack apron that matched her handmade house dress to a tee. She made the best bread and her Christmas cookies were superb!

Together, Aggie and my Grandma B. left behind six quilts that were divided up between Grandma’s six children. They made many more that were either loved to pieces or donated to missions. Both ladies were avid seamstresses and quilters. I think I got the gene from them.

My Mom is fairly certain that this one was made by Aggie’s hand. All hand pieced, with set-in seams, and lovingly hand quilted. There is even traces of some fussy-cutting here and there, not that common in the frugal rural Midwest at that time.

I love the striped Bow Ties, this one is my absolute favroite! I’d like some of that fabric to work with today…

The quilt is approximately twin size, with a beautiful pink backing and seeting blocks to match.

Click on that photo to enlarge and see her fabulous quilting!

This is a true family treasure, along with the other five quilts that live with my Mom’s siblings. Do you have any of these treasures in your family? Quilts or otherwise?


4 thoughts on “Vintage View #6: Aggie’s Bow Tie

  1. I love reading about the wonderful memories this quilt brings to you! What a treasure to still have this. I agree with you on those cool bow tie fabrics. I do love how the quilted back looks too.

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