A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I started participating in the Sew Connected 2 virtual quilting bee in January 2009. There were originally 16 of us, now 15, so it extended into 2010. My month to request blocks was February 2010 and I asked for house/home/neighborhood blocks to create a quilt similar to this, with maybe a few more trees, and little details worked in.

John’s was the first to arrive:

Complete with flowers in the yard and birdies on the roof!

Kimmie’s block came the following day:

She obviously knows about my Heather Bailey obsession! I love the kitty on the stoop and the flower container in the yard…

Rita’s block came the same day:

I think the curtains in the window are pretty sweet, and I love the vine growing up the side of the little pink house! Sort of reminds me of my paternal grandparents’ little pink house…

Marilyn’s block came last week, complete with curious bunny looking for Spring blossoms to chew on (ain’t he a cutie?!), and Katie Jump Rope fabrics (swoon):

Can’t wait to see the other ten blocks show up in my mailbox! It’s been well worth the wait.

Happy creating,


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. I had to check out the quilt that inspired your request. Love it.

    What a unique variety of houses you have already. The details are impressive. It must be like Christmas in March when the packages arrive.

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