Weekend in Review

As much fun as we had this past weekend in Minnesota, it hard to believe any work got done…  But we do have something to show for our time there!

I think the most impressive finish was Shelly P’s star ground for her patriotic challenge quilt…

Bless her heart, she stuck with this pile of template cut pieces until she had this gorgeous piece sewn together:

Now that is perseverence at it’s best…  Same for Mary who faced the daunting task of sewing down this binding at the beginning of the weekend:

And here she is on Sunday morning, giddy with excitement and wrapped in her FINISHED hexagon quilt:

Rene moved to a new home within the last month, and then packed up to fly from Florida to Minnesota to join us.  A little quilt angel dropped off a precut quilt on her doorstep just days before she left, knowing she probably didn’t have time to get a project ready for retreat (how sweet is that!?!)  Here is her gifted kit nearing completion…

Scraps flew,

Blocks were pieced,

Messes were made,

Sewing machines hummed,

Tops came together,

Quilts grew in size, 

UFOs came out of hiding,

and to-do-lists got shorter,

No wonder we all came home tired and worn out!

I even finished my Chrysanthemum Quilt this weekend, pics to follow very soon….


8 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. Thanks for a super group of photos that shows what fun you all had, what wonderful projects you worked on, and how much progress was made.
    Great post!

  2. I love the differing workspaces! I am going to become a messier quilter and sewer – I think it will be more free-ing. I loved all the progress everyone made. It was wonderful to finally meet you in person and spend the weekend together.

  3. this post made me grin! it is fun to re-live it all over again. i am still sad i didn't think of smuggling your adorable baby quilt home…it is the SWEETEST!!! oh, and your line about ufo's coming out of hiding made me laugh!

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