Polyester Parade

 Well, not just polyester, but wool, rayon, suede…  It’s a quilt for a customer of mine, made from her father-in-law’s old pant suits.  He passed away two years ago and she saved his suits and ties to make quilts with.  This is the first one, now basted and ready to be quilted:

I mentioned the heat yesterday, there was no way I was going to have this baby laying across my lap when the outside temps were pushing 100 degrees.  Did I mention the backing is flannel?  Needless to say, it didn’t get finished last week as planned.  But I’m quilting it now, and hope to deliver it to my customer by Fathers Day, this weekend!

When I started sewing these blocks at a retreat this Spring, I kept referring to this as my “ugly quilt”.  But now that it is coming together, it’s really starting to grow on me…  I think it’s those flashbacks of the fabrics of my 1970s childhood that bothered me at first!


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